Empowering Women
#Empowering Women Another group of 20 single women has started to learn new skills at our Women Empowerment Centre in Ghachowk, Kaski. The training includes hands-on lessons in sewing techniques and pattern-making to equip these women with valuable skills to start/expand their own tailoring businesses and succeed in the competitive market. We believe that by

A Proud Moment
One of our proudest moments was when we had the pleasure of meeting Som BK, who works as a ‘Barista’ in a restaurant by the lakeside. It was truly inspiring to see Som BK dedicating himself to his work with passion and skill. His hard work and commitment serve as a shining example of determination

Graduation Ceremony-15th
“The graduation ceremony for the 12 new trainees from our 15th batch of 3 months full-time “Tailoring Training” has been completed at our Women Empowerment Center in Ghachowk, Kaski, Pokhara. These participants were from different parts of Kaski, mostly from Ghachowk, Naudada, and Parbat. They were provided with free training, training materials, and a counseling

Happy New Year
We all at Namaste Community Foundation Nepal would like to wish you a year filled with love, joy, and prosperity. May this new year bring you happiness and success in all your endeavors. Happy New Year 2024! Namaste Community Foundation, Family, Nepal

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Deepak Pariyar’s family and loved ones. We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss and will always remember Deepak as a kind-hearted and responsible individual. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time. May he rest in peace. Deepak Pariyar was rescued

DAY-13 Our sincerest condolences to the demise of human right activist and Advisor of NCF Nepal; Tek Nath Baral. Mr. Baral has been supporting our organization through his great advice in the field of human rights for about 2 decades. He died at the age of 85 years. He dedicated over five decades of his

We would like to CONGRATULATE Miss Shova Kunwar for her exceptional Grade 12 results (High School Level). She has scored the highest grades in Kaski District in Law Faculty. It was definitely a proud moment for her and a dream come true for our family. Her dedication and achievements have excelled luminously. May your future

Transformation to an Independent Individual
My name is Ramila B. K. I live in Naudanda Kaski, with my family. I am 22 years old. I have been married for two years. There are four members in my family (father in law, mother in law, husband and me) Husband is working in Nepal Army. My in laws are old and they

Transformation to an Independent Individual
Meet Roshni! Roshni is one of our daughters; rescued & cared under Onni Children House in 2008 (supported by our partner charity: Wind of Change International-Aus/Fin). She was the bright sunshine who lights up the room everywhere she goes. Her sparkling smile, happy chatter, gleaming giggles, lingering laughter and witty way of looking at the

NCF 20th Anniversary
We recently celebrated our 20th Successful Years of Changing lives through Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal with our beneficiaries, staff, board and advisory committee. On auspicious occasion of our 20th Anniversary, we would like to thank all our partners, volunteers, sponsors, board members, staff, well-wishers for their continuous effort and kindness from the beginning to care

Opportunity for Financial Independence
9th June 2023: Graduation ceremony for our 14th Group of “Tailoring Training” has been completed today at our Women Empowerment Center, Ghachowk, Kaski, Pokhara. Altogether 13 single women has completed their 2-3 month full-time training successfully and are now eligible to get a seed funding to start their own small business. We greatly appreciate Namaste

Transformation to an Independent Individual
Meet our daughter Narayani Adhikari. She is currently living in Japan from last 10 months and taking simultaneously with further education and work life. She has already completed bachelor’s degree securing good grades from Pashupati Multiple Campus, Kathmandu. She has also learnt some cooking skills in Japan and works in a restaurant. She also used

Transformation to an Independent Individual
Meet our first daughter Lalita. She lives in Kathmandu and is working as a teacher in a reputed private school. She is guiding many small students towards a better future. She is also a wonderful mother of one beautiful girl and is greatly empowered girl, mother and teacher too. She is independent and happy with

Transformation to an Independent Individual
Mr. Durga Bhandari is one of our paid staff since last two years. He’s assisting for recording financial transactions as well as other administration works and being a big brother/mentor (guiding for better future) for many children supporting under our children home program. Mr. Bhandari has been living with us from May 2005 (after his

No Worries…
My name is Tulasi Karki/Pokhreal. I have a 10 year’s old son. My husband committed suicide when my son was just about 6 months. Because of my partial disability, I can’t walk long or work for continuous hours as other women do. I used to go for seasonal work in my neighbour’s farm. But this

Story of Suna Pariyar
Suna Pariyar lives with her family at Margee 23, Kaski. She is 24 years old. She has 2 children and husband. She used to build house, build road and work in the field as a daily wage earner. Her husband does the same work. But it is not enough for her family. This work was

Merry Christmas & New Year 2023
Christmas is the time of sharing, loving, forgiving and touching every heart with love and compassion. We know these are the values that are most dear to you and which have immensely benefited all our children, women and people of Nepal for about 2 decades. On the occasion of Christmas, we pray to God to

Graduation Ceremony @ WEP
Graduation Ceremony @ WEP Center, Ghachowk (19th Dec 2022) A total of 16 single women graduated 3 Months Full-Time Tailoring Training from our center today and are ready to start their own entrepreneurships. Great appreciation to Namaste Foundation, The Trainees, The Trainer and all supporting staff to make this program successful. We wish them a

14 years of celebrating love, joy, family, partnerships, …
14 years of celebrating love, joy, family, friendships, partnerships..  14 years of ”Project J338N” now officially closing after coming full circle with successful young adults all living independent lives. Projects may close but love and family will forever continue to expand and flourish ?? As we always say, an end is just another opportunity for

Celebrating Tihar Festival
Celebrating Tihar Festival 2022 at our children home with our children, partners, supporters, board, staff and well wishers at our house at Ratnachowk, Pokhara, Nepal. Thank you all for making your time to celebrate with us.! Namaste Community Foundation, Family, Nepal