No Worries…
My name is Tulasi Karki/Pokhreal. I have a 10 year’s old son. My husband committed suicide when my son was just about 6 months. Because of my partial disability, I can’t walk long or work for continuous hours as other women do. I used to go for seasonal work in my neighbour’s farm. But this

Story of Suna Pariyar
Suna Pariyar lives with her family at Margee 23, Kaski. She is 24 years old. She has 2 children and husband. She used to build house, build road and work in the field as a daily wage earner. Her husband does the same work. But it is not enough for her family. This work was

Merry Christmas & New Year 2023
Christmas is the time of sharing, loving, forgiving and touching every heart with love and compassion. We know these are the values that are most dear to you and which have immensely benefited all our children, women and people of Nepal for about 2 decades. On the occasion of Christmas, we pray to God to

Graduation Ceremony @ WEP
Graduation Ceremony @ WEP Center, Ghachowk (19th Dec 2022) A total of 16 single women graduated 3 Months Full-Time Tailoring Training from our center today and are ready to start their own entrepreneurships. Great appreciation to Namaste Foundation, The Trainees, The Trainer and all supporting staff to make this program successful. We wish them a

14 years of celebrating love, joy, family, partnerships, …
14 years of celebrating love, joy, family, friendships, partnerships..  14 years of ”Project J338N” now officially closing after coming full circle with successful young adults all living independent lives. Projects may close but love and family will forever continue to expand and flourish ?? As we always say, an end is just another opportunity for

Celebrating Tihar Festival
Celebrating Tihar Festival 2022 at our children home with our children, partners, supporters, board, staff and well wishers at our house at Ratnachowk, Pokhara, Nepal. Thank you all for making your time to celebrate with us.! Namaste Community Foundation, Family, Nepal

Happy Dashain 2022
The biggest festivals celebrated in Nepal called Dashain & Tihar is about to reach in our doors. It is a time for family reunions, exchange of gifts and blessings. Dashain is the celebration of victory of good over evil, based on the belief that on this day, the demon was defeated by Goddess Durga. It is celebrated

Opening Ceremony @ WEP -13th Batch
The 13th batch at our Women Empowerment Centre: The EMPOWERMENT for another 16 women has been started today. This will be a 3 months free “Tailoring Training”, which will be creating opportunities for helpless women at our Women Empowerment Center, Ghachowk, Kaski, Nepal. After the successful completion, they will be provided some support to start

Celebrating Children’s Day 2022
“Every time a child is saved from the dark side of life, every time one of us makes the effort to make a difference in a child’s life, we add light and healing to our own lives.” Oprah Winfrey Nepal has been celebrating National Children’s Day on Bhadra 29th every year on the occasion of

Celebrating Teej, Father’s Day & Birthday @ NCF
Today, we celebrated three special occasions at our children home, Ratnachowk, Pokhara, Nepal. This includes: a) Father’s Day: Father’s Day is also known as Kuse Ausi. This day Nepali people pay their homage to their father with their favorite food, clothing and other dad’s favorite stuff. While developing up, each little child wishes a superhero of

Congratulations SEE graduates!!!
We would like to CONGRATULATE our students (Jamuna, Monika, Alina & Rohit) for their outstanding results in their School Education Examination (SEE). They all have secured well-deserved success. We all Namaste Community Foundation Family, Nepal are proud of them. Likewise, over 100 of children under children home program and over 170 children from scholarship program

Celebrating 19th Successful Years of NCF
Today we celebrated 19th SUCCESSFUL YEARS of changing peoples’ lives through Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal with our children, staff and the board at our children home and office. On this auspicious occasion, we would like to thank all our partners, volunteers, sponsors, board members, staff, well wishers for their continuous effort and kindness from the

Graduation ceremony @ WEP
Today, we organized a small graduation (farewell) ceremony in presence of Mr Visma Raj Paudel (Founder/Chairperson) for 15 single women at our Women Empowerment Center, Ghachowk, Kaski, Nepal. They represent our 12th batch trainee, for successfully completing Tailoring Training. They are now eligible to receive seed funds (financial support) to start their own entrepreneurships. We

One of our daughter’s (Anita Goley) has recently got married with Pratik Pun and started her new journey. We all Namaste Family, Nepal would like to congratulate her and wish the couple a lifetime of love and happiness.

Without you and all other great hearts around the world; it would have been simply impossible to create positive changes for many underprivileged children and people of Nepal. We would like to make an APPEAL for your active participation to make a positive change and spread happiness through us. You can make a DONATION towards

In last 2 months, we had an opportunity to celebrate few festivals in our home. This includes: Nepali New Year, small Dashain and Mother’s Day. We celebrated these festivals together with some of our reintegrated children, mummies and uncles. We ordered the cake and prepared delicious meals at our home. On 30th April 2022, our

Our children up to grade 10 have recently appeared the final examination and most of them have done well. We are pretty sure that they will get good results. There is about 2-3 weeks holiday before they join the upper grade. So with full participation in making holiday program, we have made 1 program daily

We all at Namaste Family, Nepal would like to CONGRATULATE our Chairperson/Founder Mr. Visma Raj Paudel for being greatly APPRECIATED by Lions Club International for his service under Lions Club Nepal. He has been involved in the club since 2008 as Chartered President of Lions Club of Pokhara Talbarahi. He was honored by Krity Award,

We would like to greatly appreciate Chris Neil and Dominic Partridge for their kind contribution through Lee Walker (Scotland) on 30th March 2022. This donation was utilized to buy kitchen utensils, rechargeable bulb, hair trimmer, slipper, cleaning goods and under garments for children.

After the Covid settlement, this is our second group of 15 women who have been selected for the skill transfer (2 months full time tailoring training) at our Ghachowk center. They will be provided free training, everyday meal, training materials and some counselling classes to empower towards financial independency.