Children’s Home (Residential Support)

A home for orphan, needy & abandoned children

We are more than happy to share that we are now one. Onni Children’s House, Birauta under the management of Namaste Children’s House, Lakeside has merged to NCH-Nepal and is now a single family in one home. Thanks to Wind of Change international for their every support and cooperation to make this happen.

Our priority is to accommodate children from different caste, religion, area, culture, situation, background, age and help them adapt behaviour in a home style children house with full realization of their rights and responsibilities.

All the children in NCF’s orphanage come from very difficult and traumatic backgrounds. The majority of children are from Kaski and neighboring districts, but some have been rescued from the jails in the Rajbiraj, Dhankuta and Kapilbastu districts, the landslides from the eastern part of Nepal and from the streets of Pokhara. Children’s health and happiness is the basis on which NCF develops all values underpinning everyone’s life at Namaste Community Foundation. These children are cared for under our two homes: the orphanage in Lakeside Pokhara and Damside Pokhara, respectively. The home and dedicated staff of NCF provides shelter, a balanced diet, clothing, medical care, education and parental care, security and love. The highest standards of care and cleanliness are maintained so that all children develop healthy practices that will help them in their future lives. The children are also encouraged to assist in normal household duties so that they will grow up to be responsible self-reliant adults. The daily program includes activities such as morning yoga, reading, tidying, school, playtime and guided homework. The work of the orphanage staff is supported by the volunteer program.

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  • A total of 106 underprivileged children from difficult and traumatic backgrounds including children rescued from jails (prison), from landslides, from the streets of Pokhara and other places have been rescued till date.
  • Dedication to providing quality education, healthcare and love in a safe home-style environment for the poor, needy, orphaned and abandoned children of Nepal is paramount.
  • 80 out of 106 children have been successfully reintegrated after completion of higher secondary education, vocational training and job placements in and outside Pokhara.
  • Some of them are already married and have become responsible parents.
  • Many of them are currently working in various sectors: tourism, hotels, restaurants, and other development sectors and living happily.
  • Saving their childhood is also protecting them from becoming a drug addict, dying because of a lack of food, working as a child bonded laborer, living as a victim of abuse or just being an unproductive citizen.
  • Securing support for their education is also empowering their future and creating responsible citizens.