Our Team

Namaste Community Foundation was established on the initiative of Mr Visma Raj Paudel who leads as Executive Director and carries out all managerial operations along with the Manager (Mr. Man Singh Chaudhary) and the administrative team. There are other supporting staff members whose task includes administration, accounting and day-to-day care of the children including all cooking and maintaining the home. They also maintain the organization’s website and organize things like the graphic design of promotion material.

All staff works in a common spirit, are devoted in the service of others. They are qualified in respect to their jobs and are hardworking persons. The work of NCF is also supported by Western professionals who travel to Nepal to offer their expertise on a voluntary basis.

The Team

Visma Raj Paudel

Founder/Chairperson, MBA, Social Worker, Entrepreneur

[email protected]

Man Singh Tharu (Chaudhary)

General Manager, MBS, Assistant Lecturer

[email protected]

Utsav Gurung

Senior Admin Officer, MBA, Entrepreneur

[email protected]

Alisha Malla

Program Incharge, Women Empowerment Project, MPGD

[email protected]

Rima Khawas

Senior Finance Officer, MBS

[email protected]

Asha Rana

Accountant and Office Secretary, BBS


Nitu Bhujel

Senior House Mother, BA running

Usha Milan

House Mother and child officer, 12th Grade

Sangita Majhi

House sister and Medicine Assistant, CMA

Punam Gurung

House sister and Kitchen chef, 10th Grade

Sajina Tamang

Trainer/Worker, Women Empowerment Program

Bir Bahadur Tamang

Driver/All-rounder, Women Empowerment Program

Board Members

  • Visma Raj Poudel

    Social Worker/Entrepreneur

  • Khadga Bahadur Gurung

    Vice ChairPerson
    Politician/School Director

  • Sushil Bijukchhay

    Social Worker/Bank Manager

  • Lekhnath Pahari

    Business Manager

  • Khim Bahadur Dhakal

    Social Worker/Entrepreneur

  • Dr. Thaneshwor Pahari

    Social Worker/Sr. Surgeon

  • Shova Parajuli

    Social Worker/Sr. Lawyer

  • Govinda Sharma

    Immediate P. President
    Social Worker/Retired Teacher