Family Information

Family Business

Visma Raj Paudel has been actively engaged in the family business since 2008, in partnership with his experienced elder brother, Mr. Bishow Raj Paudel. His brother had over 3 decades of experience in tourism sector both in Nepal and UK. They have used their parental and personal property and a financial partner to establish and expend their family business. Together, they are successfully running following businesses like: Chilly Bar and Restro, Himalayan Glory Inn, 360 Sky Lounge, Himalayan Guest House, with some others in the pipeline including Temple Bell Boutique Hotel. Around 150 personnels are involved to run above businesses currently.


Visma Raj Paudel is married to Neelam Gautam Paudel since 2007. Neelam is a professional banker and serves as a province manager at a leading A Class bank in Pokhara. The couple has two children: Arshiya Paudel, their daughter, and Aryash Raj Paudel, their son.


Arshiya Paudel, the elder child, is 15 years old in 2024 and attends Fishtail Academy Secondary School in Pokhara. She is currently in 9th grade and will be promoted to 10th grade starting from April 15, 2024. Arshiya is known for her sociable nature and her love for animals.


Aryash Raj Paudel, the younger child, is 11 years old in 2024 and also studies at Fishtail Academy Secondary School in Pokhara. He is in 5th grade and will move to 6th grade from April 15, 2024. Aryash shows great interest and progress in various games, particularly excelling in Lawn Tennis. His ambition is to become a successful international player in the future.

Aryash Raj Paudel, the youngest child of the family has been performing extremely well in Lawn Tennis and other games. So, if you are (Especially Lawn Tennis lover) interested to know more about him, please follow the below information:



Aryash Raj Paudel was born in 2014, as the second child of Mr. Visma Raj Paudel (Founder and Chairperson of Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal and Mrs. Neelam Gautam Paudel. He is currently in grade 5 (2024) and is one of the brightest students in his class. Aryash is known for his kindness, hard work, disciplined, and organized boy. He has been active in sports from a young age and excels in managing his daily schedule for studying and play. Aryash enthusiastically participates in various programs organized by the school as well as national level tournaments.

He resides in Pokhara-7, Kaski, Nepal with his parents. His father is a businessman and social activist while his mother is a banker. His sister is in grade 9 and is also excellent in academics and outdoor activities.

Tennis Journey

Aryash started playing tennis from October 2020 (at the age of 7 years). He initially accompanied his father, who played tennis as a leisure activity. However, Aryash developed a strong interest in tennis and decided to pursue it as a professional career.

Although Aryash is equally skilled in football, basketball, swimming, and other sports, he has a great desire to focus on lawn tennis. He practices daily at the local tennis court under the guidance of a professional coach and occasionally joins professional training sessions in Kathmandu with an international coach. He is going to participate the training in Thailand for 3 weeks in coming April 2024 and where he will also participate in few tennis tournaments.

Tennis Achievement

Aryash has participated in numerous local, provincial, and national tournaments, where he has achieved considerable success. Here is a list of his national level tournament achievements:

DateWinnerName of Tournament
December 2023Gold Medal under 10 years
Gold Medal under 12 years
Fishtail Sports Fest, Gandaki Province level Inter School Tennis Tournament.
November 2023Silver Medal under 10 years
Silver Medal under 12 years
Bir Ganeshman National Jr Tennis National Level Tournament
(Didn’t compete final game due to muscle injury)
June 2023Gold Medal under 9 years
Gold Medal under 10 years
Rising Star Open Tennis Tournament
April 2023Gold Medal under 9 years
Silver Medal under 10 years
Junior Tennis Initiative Jr. National Level Tennis Tournament
January 2023Gold Medal under 9 years
Gold Medal under 10 years
Manushree/ Vignajeet National Jr. Tennis Tournament
November 2022Gold Medal under 9 years
Gold Medal under 10 years
Bir Ganeshman National Jr Tennis National Level Tournament
May 2022Gold Medal under 8 years
Silver Medal under 9 years
Team Tennis Nepal JTI Jr. National Level Tennis Tournament
March 2022Gold Medal under 8 years
Bronze Medal under 9 years
Junior Tennis Initiative Jr. National Junior Tennis Tournament
October 2021Gold Medal under 8 yearsBir Ganeshman National Jr Tennis National Level Tournament

Note: Started to participate in junior level tennis tournament from February 2021.

His Daily Life

Aryash attends Fishtail Academy (, the first IB PYP candidate school in the Gandaki province. The school incorporates globally recognized teaching methods into its curriculum, providing students with an enriched and internationally recognized learning experience. Aryash consistently performs well academically and actively participates in extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities on a daily basis. He is highly regarded by his friends at school.

After school, Aryash diligently practices lawn tennis under the guidance of his coach. During school holidays, he also engages in swimming and other sports training.

His Future Goals

Aryash envisions himself as a successful tennis player on the world stage. His dedication and hard work will undoubtedly lead him to become an international player. His parents have been supportive of his dreams from the very beginning and encourage him positively to achieve his goals.


“Aryash Raj Paudel is a remarkable young talent with a bright future in tennis. His dedication, hard work, and support from his family are key factors that will likely contribute to his success in achieving his dream of becoming an international tennis player. It’s impressive to see his achievements at such a young age and his commitment to both academics and sports. With his focus and determination, Aryash has a promising journey ahead in the world of tennis.”

Your Involvement

Aryash has a long-term commitment to achieve his dream of becoming a world-class tennis player. If you are in a position to guide him, provide some playing tips, share recommendations for his betterment, we highly encourage you to contact his dad, Mr. Visma Raj Paudel ([email protected])

Mr. Visma Raj Paudel also serves as an executive member of the Kaski District Tennis Association in Pokhara. This organization supports many underprivileged local youths through training, job placements, and encourages them to pursue their dreams at the grassroots and higher level. Many of them are working as personal trainers, tennis coaches in foreign land and in local institutions in Nepal, and actively participate in local and national level tournaments.

If you are interested in making either a small or a larger impact on tennis development in the Kaski district, you are heartily welcome to discuss further processes. For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact at [email protected]

Any level of involvement is greatly appreciated.

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