Women Empowerment Program

Creating opportunities for helpless woman

This program not only provides training for single women living below the level of poverty but also provides psycho social counselling and business classes. Women are motivated to start their own business by communicating the success stories of different personalities.

“The Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP) is designed to empower single women who have been living nearby Pokhara and Ghachowk, yet have many difficulties obtaining the training and skills necessary for employment due to their poverty level.

Many women and girls have been exploited in horrific ways such as: sexual abuse or trafficking of young girls who end up in the brothels of Indian cities. Due to illiteracy and gender inequality most of the domestic violence is kept secret with the fear of losing social reputation mainly to prevent possible rejection from their male counter parts. There are no clear laws to deal with this situation.

The empowerment of the women will be one big step forward to overall development of the nation. As Nepal has already entered into a new age of change, equality between male and female should be one of the top priorities for policy makers. Unfortunately, the policies are determined slowly and have not been implemented yet into society. Our organization aims to reach the society by implementing this project from the bottom up, by providing the women with the necessary skills.

To start this program, we have already taken a big step forward. Together with Wilde Ganzen & NCDO Netherlands, the WEP building has been completed and is in operation. We have already conducted three months of training in tailoring and a second phase of training on agriculture and livestock has recently been started. This program not only provides technical knowledge but also provides enough motivational classes, business classes, counseling service as well as micro finance support so the participants can implement their knowledge and skills into their everyday lives.”


Women’s Entrepreneurship Development

This program was launched with the purpose to liberate the people from their financial dependency especially to those living below the level of poverty. In this program, we provide micro credits to women who have successfully completed the training from “Woman Empowerment Project” to start their own business.

“This project was born out of a desire to provide the needy people of Nepal with an angling rod and to teach them how to fish, instead of ‘feeding’ them the fish. It aims to reduce dependency through helping disadvantaged people to start their own micro businesses.

The project includes initial training, micro financial support and regular monitoring. Once the selected families understand the program and the possibility of creating self-sustainability, most of them decide on either starting a vegetable shop, tea shop, having a small farm, raising cattles or taking up sewing & Tariloring business. Every families are provided with a 2 months additional time in which they are not obligated to pay any interest and installments. But at the end of 3rd month they should start up with their first installment and pay the same amount continuously for 24 months. This is because of the realization that people won’t value anything that is for free nor they become responsible. Moreover, it is also focused towards encouraging women entrepreneurship for financial independence.

At the moment, 143 families are supported and few more families are in the process of getting support under this program.”

Livestock Farming (Cow, Goat, Buffalo)Poultry FarmingTailoring BusinessOther BusinessTotal
  • Up to Dec 2019, a total of 205 single women from Ghachowk, Lahachowk and Machapuchhre villages and other parts of Nepal have gotten training in Tailoring, Agriculture and Livestock farming.
  • Yearly refreshment training is done to enhance the skills of the women after the training. In which more than half of women participates the refreshment training to sharpen their skills.
  • A total of 50 single women will get training every year; mainly in tailoring, agriculture, livestock farming, handicrafts and other areas as per need.
  • A production center has been set up to take the steps toward project self-sustainability. Many of the women have started their own small businesses through our seed funding (financial investment and a few have got paid jobs.