School Support Program

1) Ramchedevi Basic School, Syangja

Ramchedevi Basic School, established in 1994 by the Government of Nepal, is located in Aruchaur, Syangja, Nepal. The majority of students studying at the school are from low-income families, while some also being from the so-called ‘lower caste’ people. A total of 45 students are studying from pre-nursery through grade 5. Until 2015, this school had good drinking water, along with adequate facilities. But, after the earthquake hit Nepal, things changed. The massive earthquake destroyed the water supply pipeline. After that, the repairs to the pipeline were not adequate. The school students and teachers had to face numerous difficulties in getting safe drinking water and using the toilet facilities inside the school premises. The neighbors also faced hardships with cooking, bathing, feeding animals, watering crops, etc.

Due to this fact, NCF-Nepal started a 75-25 partnership with the school management committee. In April 2019, we signed a contract with them that included various terms and conditions. This partnership has worked very well, and we completed the project on time. We held the Drinking Water Project handover ceremony on 10th June 2019.

Further support: Apart from the Drinking Water Project, NCF-Nepal has also provided school uniforms to every student, winter clothing, stationery, and playing materials. We have also built more playground equipment (i.e., seesaw, slide, swing, etc.), ready for installation at the school, as soon as the government lifts the Covid-19 lock-down.

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2) Janajagaran Model Community School, Ghachowk

Janajagaran Model Community School, established in 2009 by the Government of Nepal, is located in Ghachwok, Kaski, Nepal. This school is mainly educating the so-called ‘lower caste’ people with a total of 112 students. It is one of the top facilities in the basic school category in this region. The school has up to the 8th standards to date. The school has enough playground equipment but lacks sufficient water facilities. The school has been getting a small amount of water from the local neighbours, for a brief time. Due to the shortage of water, students and teachers hardly use the toilet facilities inside the school. Until now, the school is practicing a temporary solution of using water bottles (purchased through sponsors) and asking students to bring water from their homes.

Due to this, NCF-Nepal has started working towards the solution of enough water supply. We are working with 2aid (a German charity) to build water storage tanks and a distribution system. We began to make progress, but, due to Covid-19 circumstances, the work is on hold. As soon as we are out of lock-down and things go back to normal, we aim to complete this project within a month.

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Nirjala Basic School is in Bhanu Municipality-8, Deuralitar, Tanahun, Kaski. The 2015 earthquake destroyed most of the school building. During that time, Pokhara United (a local NGO) started supporting the reconstruction of some stationery buildings and some temporary structures using tin roofs. Later, the school management committee successfully applied for government funds, enabling them to construct a few classrooms between 2015-2019. However, this funding was not enough, so, during this time, they have been continuously searching for help from other supporters.

During the visit to Germany, Siddhartha Nepal Hilfe e.V. and the Chairman of Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal, started some fundraising events. Due to this fact, Siddhartha Nepal Hilfe e.V., Germany requested a partnership with NCF-Nepal and signed a contract to complete this reconstruction process locally. After the contract was signed, we made a few visits to Nirjala Basic School and conducted various meetings to find the best possible way to support them. Some preparations were in place, but, unfortunately, the Covid-19 lockdown has suspended this collaboration for the time being.

Nevertheless, we have concluded the need for the following items.

Here is the list of needed support for this school.

  1. Drinking water supply repairs/reconstruction
  2. Children’s desks, benches, chairs, and tables
  3. Educational stationery
  4. Classroom upgrades (painting, mats, cushions, book racks, carpets, etc.)
  5. Playing equipment (Swing, slide, monkey bar, etc.)
  6. LED TV for study purpose
  7. Children’s books and educational materials


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