Message from our Founder

Since June 2003, Namaste Community Foundation-Nepal (Formerly: Namaste Children’s House) has always been a place of opportunity and hope for the many poor, orphaned children and desperate people of Nepal. For my team and me, nothing could be more fulfilling than to see the happiness on our children’s faces; to watch them grow, inquire and explore; to shuttle them off to school each day for a quality education; to witness the joy and wonder of their sweet smiling faces. Through the various projects that we run, it is incredible to see the difference that all of our joint efforts make in the lives of many underprivileged children, women, and people of Nepal.

At NCF-Nepal, we take responsibility for ourselves and for each other; for the ideas we embrace and for the future we share. We celebrate selflessness and value those across the world who step forward and make unprecedented contributions to the well-being of humanity in a very friendly, transparent, professional and mutual understanding way. The outpouring of kindness and generosity from various charities and people from Nepal and around the world reflects the spirit of compassion and reminds each of us of the profound impact we can have on many lives when we join together to achieve common goals.

As we mark this important milestone, my team and I from Nepal, look forward to continuing to work with existing networks and many new individuals in the years ahead in order to positively change the lives of many more children and people of Nepal. I’d especially like to thank all the NCF team, including the well-wishers from Nepal and abroad for your ongoing support and concern toward our work. You are also one who makes this NCF-Nepal a very successful organization.

Our dream is to grow to serve more people of Nepal, which is only possible with your involvement in the Namaste global family. Feel free to contact me through e-mail: [email protected]

Yours sincerely,

Visma Raj Paudel
Founder and Executive Director


History of Visma Raj Paudel

Visma Raj Paudel’s family was originally from Pokhara. They had and still have some land in lakeside but this place at that time wasn’t famous and lacks financial growing opportunities. His father and uncle pursued better prospects in Chitwan, where the family still owns land. He spent his early years in Meghauli near Chitwan National Park before moving back to Pokhara for education, eventually earning a Master’s in Business Administration.

Since 2008, Visma has been involved in the family business with his brother, Mr. Bishow Raj Paudel, who has extensive experience in the tourism sector in Nepal and the UK. They utilized their assets and a financial partner to establish and expand their business, providing internships and jobs for youths in the hospitality sector including the ex-children of Namaste Community Foundation. They currently run multiple businesses and employ over 150 youths all year round.

Growing up in a middle-class family, Visma had a comfortable childhood unlike some of his friends who faced challenges like not having proper uniforms or stationery. Witnessing his friends’ struggles, he felt compelled to make a difference in their lives in the future. As a child, he had a near-death experience when he was swept away by a river current while playing with friends. A stranger bravely rescued him, leaving a lasting impact on Visma.

This experience has led him throughout his life to remember. He is here for a purpose, and always tries to make the kind of choices that could lead him in a direction to make a positive difference in other children’s lives. After this near death experience, he changed from a child with little care in the world, to one who felt that he was here for a purpose. He would go out of his way to help those in his village who were less fortunate than him. He applied himself in a serious manner, at a young age, to his studies and soon began to excel.

It seems like fate was working in many aspects of his life before he was even aware of it, leading him on a path that would one day allow him to compassionately care for and protect children from very poor circumstances.

When he was 20 years old, Mr. Poudel was offered a chance to work for an organization here in Pokhara that was dedicated to the welfare of Nepalese children. Mr. Poudel spent his almost 8 years with the organization and the time with the organization changed his life forever, leaving him even more devoted to this work. He has been involved in various kind of projects like school construction, building a large school for 600 pupils, and working as the treasurer of a local road committee. He has helped to establish a children village for 75 children, worked as an adviser for different clubs as well as for local non-governmental organizations and carried out various other functions.

His dream continued to be working for as many children and people in Nepal as possible, and in the midst of this work, his dream began to come true when he established Namaste Children’s House in 2003 (Current: Namaste Community Foundation).He and his team now works closely with the local communities, people, social organizations, government bodies, many individual foreigners, volunteers and charity aboard etc to run entire organization successfully. He is also the part of other organizations and clubs like:International Tal Barahi Lions Club-Pokhara-Nepal(Charter President), Network of Children’s Home (Founder and past chairperson), and is also working as the advisory member of some social clubs and business firms etc.

Now he is gaining a lot of pleasure and found it an incredibly rewarding feeling to work for all these children besides his own family and businesses with his brother. It is his life dream to help more children and women in the future in very sustainable and effective way. However, this position of care also brings a huge burden of responsibility with it. Although financial worries often weigh heavily on him, the team Namaste and his work to manage the orphanage and other projects and ensure the safety of the children, women whose lives are already in their care.

Mr. Paudel is very thankful with the generosity and financial support of the people and various organizations throughout the World to run NCF-Nepal as successful project but is also expecting bigger global involvement and long term genuine partnership to serve his people, society and nation in bigger and sustainable way.

His main focus since the beginning of his social involvement is to run such development projects in a very transparent, professional, need base and cost effective way (with minimum cost). He strongly believes that local people’s involvement and their empowerment should be the first priority in any development project to create future in-dependency and prosperity of each individual and any society. He loves to work on the basis of evidence and suggests people to carry out any work related to social development accordingly. He believes that any work conducted without any research only with an aim of fulfilling personal ego and hidden desire,would only damage the societies and leave negative impacts globally and paralyze the ultimate beneficiaries from their well-being.

If you want to contact Mr. Paudel to learn more about his work and future project then please write him on : [email protected] or private e-mail : [email protected]

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