About Us

Namaste Community Foundation (NCF-Nepal) is a non-profit, non-political humanitarian organization that operates independently from any religious affiliations. Registered as an NGO in Nepal and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu, NCF is dedicated to advancing development initiatives for underprivileged children and women in Nepal since June 2003.

The foundation's mission includes providing educational support to children from economically disadvantaged families and empowering women living below the poverty line through training, psycho-social counseling, and seed funding to promote financial independence for struggling families.

In addition to its core programs, NCF collaborates with various organizations, including government-run schools, local clubs, and communities, and works closely with local government entities to support the sustainable development goals of Nepal.

Originally established as Namaste Children's House to offer housing for around 60 orphaned children in Pokhara, Nepal, the organization has expanded its projects to address a wider range of community needs. To better represent its comprehensive activities and initiatives, the foundation rebranded as Namaste Community Foundation, reflecting its commitment to holistic community development.


Why Namaste Community Foundation-Nepal?

  • The name ‘Namaste’ means: “God with me and I equally respect God within you or God with
    me and I honor God within you”.
  • NCF is run and managed by the Nepali friendly team members, who are professional, sincere and have long working experiences in the humanitarian field.
  • NCF is cost effective and transparent. Our administrative cost is approximately 10%, which is low in comparison to other organizations.
  • NCF effectively changes both the lives of children and adults in a positive and sustainable way.
  • NCF works with other local organizations, individuals and the government of Nepal to create a larger impact on the societies in Nepal. We strongly believe in togetherness and teamwork.
  • NCF is working toward sustaining itself by establishing different local businesses.
  • NCF has a bigger plan for the future to empower both the societies and the people in very sustainable ways.
  • NCF values the power of the people, therefore, we are here to help them explore their strength without affecting their culture, the value of their family and the long-term development of their society.

We want to create a global Namaste family by adding more like-minded people, charities, and institutions as partners using their logo and country flag to represent our entire work as a global initiative.

Our entire Namaste family is very much indebted toward our Past and Current contributors along with the world-famous actress, Mrs. Angelina Jolie, for her generous gift of 20,000 USD, which helped us  start our project in Nepal. We are also very appreciative of the great involvement of the famous actress from the UK, Mrs. Joanna Lumley OBE.