Ear Clinic (Closed)

Breaking Sound Barrier

This clinic was established specially to provide hearing aid to those suffering from hearing problems and don’t have the financial background to pay for hearing aids. The clinic was expanded in order to provide free ear examination, free medication and awareness. This program was running till September 2016 and is now merged with INF Nepal’s ear hospital.

The hearing clinic commenced operations in March 2010, with the help of David Hine, an Audiometrist with 30 years experience in Australia. The hearing clinic conducts hearing assessments for suspected sufferers who have been affected by hearing difficulties. Suitable candidates will be fitted with free hearing aids or other assistive listening devices.

The Nepal Hearing Project’s primary focus is to provide a community health service whose purpose is to improve or restore hearing to the hearing impaired in Pokhara and its surroundings. The project is committed to providing free or low cost assistance to children and adults with low or no income. A group of local staff has been employed for regular assistance. The project has a direct, practical and immediate benefit and will, eventually, be run by local staff, with external support as needed.

Thousands of free hearing aids have been distributed and over 20,000 patients have benefited from the free check-ups. The program has been established in a big house at Lakeside. The hearing aids have been collected in Australia and the UK and provided to the needy people of Nepal with financial disabilities

  • Over 20,000 people have gone for free treatments/checkups.
  • Over 10,000 hearing patients have gotten free medicine.
  • Over 1,500 people have gotten free hearing aids.
  • Over 50 people have gotten free operations (along with help from other social organizations).
  • Free hearing camps have been organized in over 6 districts of Nepal.
  • The sound barriers in Nepal have been successfully broken.