Re-integration Program

Secure an Independent life of the young adults

NCF Nepal is committed to the safety, health and happiness of the rescued children in our care. The UN Convention on the Rights of a Child indicate that the best place for their psycho social development is with their family or community of origin. NCF Nepal shares this stance and, where possible, we strive to return these vulnerable, isolated children after completion of school level education or after gaining needed skills from vocational training center with job assistance for their living, back into a network of familial support and security.

  • Started (2008) as soon as the children completes 12th grade
  • Some children who struggles hard in regular school are sent for vocational training as per their choice including assistance in internship and paid jobs for their living.
  • NCF stays in regular close contact with youths for 3 years after they are reintegrated.
  • Partial support during emergency for food, medical & others even after reintegration.
  • Always welcome them to celebrate major festivals with their brother and sister at our care.
  • Regular meeting is organized for ex-children to share happiness, sadness and to empower each other.

NCF Nepal is working in coordination with local business organizations here in Pokhara to facilitate the children to find a paid job to ensure proper financial earnings and secure a successful re-integration and future.Likewise, with the children good in education are continued with the financial support to continue their university education in support of International brother and sister homes, Australia.

  • Over 30 children are already married and become responsible parents
  • Over 70 children are working in various sectors like: tourism, hotels, restaurants and other development sectors and living happily
  • Most of them are also supporting their siblings
  • Few are registered nurse and socially active
  • Few become trainers in reputed training centers
  • Few are teachers and transforming raw minds into awesome intellectuals
  • Few have started their small-scale entrepreneurship
  • Some are still continuing education with our support
  • Few are working foreign country for financial security