Transformation to an Independent Individual

My name is Ramila B. K. I live in Naudanda Kaski, with my family. I am 22 years old. I have been married for two years. There are four members in my family (father in law, mother in law, husband and me) Husband is working in Nepal Army. My in laws are old and they cannot work and the whole family is dependent upon my husband’s income. As his income is not enough for household expenses. And we need to take loans and borrow money from friends and relatives to full fill our other expenses related to health and other social activities.

Knowing all this household needs I always want to support my family but it was not easy for me, as I don’t have good education and skills. Neither could I start any business as don’t have money to invest on it. I really feel helpless sometimes.

Well, one day I heard about Namaste Community Foundation who gives free training on sewing and tailoring. She (one of the ex-trainee) encourages me to participate in this training so that I can get the skill for and the organization also provides loan for business.

I applied for the training and I got selected for the 3 month’s sewing and tailoring training. It was my dream come true and I am very happy to be the part of the training. It gave me so much hope and encouragement to make my future bright and make some earning to support my family. After the training I took seed funding from the same organization.

During the initial stage after the training I started my work from home. I used to make dresses for my friends and relatives. And after 2 months of working from home, I got a job in a garment company through my friend. I am earning Rs. 8,000 per month as a starting salary but very soon the company has promised an increment after observing my work skills.

I’m really happy and thankful towards Namaste Community Foundation, Women Empowerment Project for believing me and made me its participants and as result it made me independent. Now I’m able help my family both emotionally as well as financially.

Ramila B. K.

Words can’t express how incredibly proud and grateful we are for Ramila and all other WEP trainees and to see their empowerment and happiness that has changed their real world.

Thank you each and every one and specially to Hilde Bleijswijk, Director Namaste Foundation, Netherlands and the NF-NL team, whose wonderful partnership and guidance has been helping to create real positive impact in the lives of many needy women, children and people of Nepal since June 2009.

Over 274 single women living under the poverty level has got a second opportunity in their lives to empower themselves towards creating financial independence.

Namaste Community Foundation Nepal

- Published on June 23, 2023