Transformation to an Independent Individual

Mr. Durga Bhandari is one of our paid staff since last two years. He’s assisting for recording financial transactions as well as other administration works and being a big brother/mentor (guiding for better future) for many children supporting under our children home program.

Mr. Bhandari has been living with us from May 2005 (after his parents died) and continued his formal education together with our other children at our home. He successfully completed high school (12) with excellent grades. He also joined Bachelor’s degree, but decided to quit and work full time for us. In between, he also succeeded to make citizenship, driving license and secured his share of parental property in his name.

We are proud to see the transformation from being a needy child to an independent individual.

Thank you all; who believed in us and involved directly or indirectly to create a real positive impact for many underprivileged children and people of Nepal since June 2003.

Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal


- Published on May 12, 2023