A Proud Moment

One of our proudest moments was when we had the pleasure of meeting Som BK, who works as a ‘Barista’ in a restaurant by the lakeside. It was truly inspiring to see Som BK dedicating himself to his work with passion and skill.

His hard work and commitment serve as a shining example of determination and perseverance. We are honored to have met such a dedicated individual and wish him continued success in his endeavors.

Som has been living with us since 2008, supported by our partner charity, Wind of Change International-Aus/Fin. After completing his high school degree, he chose to undergo “Barista Training” and started working to meet his financial needs.

Words cannot express how incredibly proud and grateful we are for Som. He is a true manifestation of our dreams and hopes, now coming to fruition after 14 years – a strong, independent young man about to conquer the world!

We thank each and every one who believed in us and was involved, directly or indirectly, in creating a real positive impact in the lives of many underprivileged children and people in Nepal since June 2003. Over 106 underprivileged children have been rescued, empowered, and provided with the best services to help them lead financially independent lives.

- Published on February 4, 2024