NCF 20th Anniversary

We recently celebrated our 20th Successful Years of Changing lives through Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal with our beneficiaries, staff, board and advisory committee.

On auspicious occasion of our 20th Anniversary, we would like to thank all our partners, volunteers, sponsors, board members, staff, well-wishers for their continuous effort and kindness from the beginning to care as many people in need; through our various programs including children home, scholarship program, women empowerment program, school support, hearing clinic, covid care, earthquake, floods, and other natural disasters related programs.

We are expecting everyone’s love and care for the upcoming years to come.

Namaste Community Foundation

HERE; We would like to highlight some major successful project achievements in brief:

1) Children Home Program: Rescued 106 children, empower them towards independence through love, care, education and career developments for 10-19 years continuously and reintegrated back to society.

2) Scholarship Program: Supported 176 children for education to continue for 6-12 years continuously until they finish high school degree. 

3) Women Empowerment Program: Provided second opportunity in life by providing free training for over 274 single women and provided them a skill to make able to earn independently.

4) Entrepreneurship Development Program: Provided seed funding for over 185 women after successfully completing training to start a new micro entrepreneurship.

5) School Support program: Supported few schools towards: establishing school library, drinking water, teachers support, educational materials, classroom construction, playing equipment, uniforms, covid care materials, stationery items, musical instruments, etc.

6) Hearing Aid Clinic: Free treatment for over 20,000 hearing patients including counseling, medicine, ear operation, awareness campaign, etc. in various parts of Nepal.

7) Earthquake support: Provided emergency food supplies for over 1200 families, temporary shelter for over 80 families, educational support for over 600 students, health camps for over 1000 patients, school reconstruction for 2 government schools, etc.

8) Covid support: Donated over 4 million Nepalese rupees to establish Covid Hospital, Supported with emergency foods for over 1500 families, emergency medical & covid care supplies for hospitals, health workers, few villages, additional incentives for ambulance drivers, etc.

9) Drinking water project: Apart from construction drinking water project in 3 government schools, another project was also completed to serve clean drinking water for one village consisting 150 families.

10) Assisted government campaign: Constructed toilets for 78 families, supported with clothes, groceries during various flood victims, participated and hosted various awareness campaigns, various support towards health care centers and community centers, etc.

There were many other short-term projects that has been benefitted positively to many other needy children, women and people of Nepal. During the time, we also managed to buy land for the organization (26,000 square meters) and constructed permanent women empowerment center with the help of our partner charities abroad.

All these achievements were not possible without you and many other kind hearted people around the globe. We also had to deal with many difficulties to make our social project successful.

All these achievements have motivated so much that has been always guiding us towards positivity. We also believe that “be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandhi”

I, personally and on behalf of the entire Namaste Community Foundation family, would like to extend my special thanks to you all again for your contributions, sacrifices, and support towards humanity and most importantly being a true motivator to work as a change agent. Thank you for showing such care and love toward our organization.


Visma Raj Paudel (Founder/Chairperson) & Entire NCF Nepal Family

- Published on June 11, 2023