Transformation to an Independent Individual

Meet Roshni!

Roshni is one of our daughters; rescued & cared under Onni Children House in 2008 (supported by our partner charity: Wind of Change International-Aus/Fin). She was the bright sunshine who lights up the room everywhere she goes. Her sparkling smile, happy chatter, gleaming giggles, lingering laughter and witty way of looking at the world instantly had her in the heart of Onni family.

Throughout the years at Onni, we were privileged to watch Roshni continue to flourish and grow to be the incredible young lady she is today. Today, Roshni works as a Montessori teacher in Pokhara, a job she loves and which also provides her a private room as part of the work contract. After graduating from Year 12 with great grades in December 2021, Roshni also started university studies with Bachelor of Education at the same college with her Onni counterparts.

Words can’t express how incredibly proud and grateful we are for Roshni. She is a true manifestation of our dreams and hopes now coming to fruition after 14 years – a strong independent young woman about to conquer the world!

Thank you each and every one; who believed in us and involved directly or indirectly to create a real positive impact in the lives of many underprivileged children and people of Nepal since June 2003. Over 106 underprivileged children have been rescued, empowered and provided the best service facilitating them towards financially independent lives.

Namaste Community Foundation Nepal

- Published on June 18, 2023