Story of Suna Pariyar

Suna Pariyar lives with her family at Margee 23, Kaski. She is 24 years old. She has 2 children and husband. She used to build house, build road and work in the field as a daily wage earner. Her husband does the same work. But it is not enough for her family. This work was difficult for her. Children had to be left at home as this work was done 7 am to 5 pm.

As a result, the care of the children was not good. She was worried about how to earn money along with taking care of the children. But it was impossible for her because, she has no good skill and education. This made it difficult for her to get a good work. She wants to develop skill, but had no money. After hearing that Namaste Community Foundation Nepal is giving free sewing training. She wrote an application to the NCF.

She attended a three month’s tailoring training as a resident. Within 3 months’ time, she learned to sew major tailoring designs. After completing her training; she opened a sewing shop in her own house. Now she is earning over Rs. 500 to Rs. 700 daily in recent days. This will definitely increase in coming months and years. She is very happy with her profession.

She says “I am grateful to NCF Nepal for giving me the skills I desire. Now I don’t have to ask others for work. Because people come to me to get their works done (stitch clothes). I am earning sufficient money by doing tailoring work at my own home. As a result; the care of my children has been better. Earning from tailoring has helped me to cover my household expenses. This work is far better than the previous daily wages. I am very happy with this job and profession. I would like to thank all Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal and Namaste Foundation, Netherlands for providing me a opportunity in life to make able to earn money at home.

Suna Pariyar
Margee-23, Kaski

- Published on January 10, 2023