Thanking You

On behalf of Namaste Community Foundation, I, Man Singh Chaudhary, would like to thank all of our charity partners, donors, supporters, staffers, well-wishers, and, also, the government line agencies for taking really good care of us during the past 16 years. It has truly been a wonderful journey with a mix of different experiences and memories in the humanitarian field.

Together, we succeeded in offering a family home to more than 100 kids, including provisions for their basic needs. Similarly, more than 176 children received the opportunity to rejoin school and be able to continue up to at least the secondary level. Also, with your generous funding, more than 178 women are now living independent, dignified lives. Once again, thank you for all of your assistance and we hope that you will continue to support NCF-Nepal into the future so that many more lives here in Nepal can positively be changed.

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