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Message from the chairman

Hello and greetings from all at Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal. We hope that you, your family members, relatives, and close friends are all in good health. The first quarter of 2021 has not gone as expected, as the situation in the world isn’t much different. Many countries have opened up yet other countries are still. Read More
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Donate in our survival fund

It has been truly amazing journey of being a change agent for those in need for over 17 years. NCF Nepal greatly appreciates your continuous support and commitment. Each and everyone involved in this journey has made a positive impact for many beneficiaries associated with us. But due to the Covid circumstances, the current donation. Read More
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Children’s Success

Four children from our Children’s Home program: Dal Bahadur Kunwar, Deumaya Thapa, Aasish Sharma, and Nandakali Pokhrel have recently graduated 12th grade securing great marks. We all at NCF-Nepal would like to congratulate them on their excellent results. We wish them good luck in their future education and are confident about their likely success.. Read More
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Exam Preparations

Due to the impact of Covid-19, our academic calendar has been pushed out two months. Currently, children, up to grade 10, are studying for their third terminal examination, which is going to start next week. The 11th & 12th graders are preparing for their final term, which they will start in June 2021. After graduation. Read More
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Re-opening WEP

The Covid-19 situation compelled us to close our Women’s Empowerment Centre, Ghachowk, for a year. But, while it was closed, we organized the distribution of some emergency food and Covid care items, fruit trees, and arranged occasional field visits to keep up with the current situations of all 206 trainees associated with us. Now, some. Read More
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Encouraging educational improvements

We all at NCF-Nepal are happy to share some happiness with the students of Shree Sukraraj Secondary School, Pokhara-22, Pumdivumdi, Kaski. We managed to collect donations of Nrs 50,000 for stationery, prizes, and other educational improvement programs. Mr. Visma Raj Paudel encouraged everyone to utilize the support in the best possible way. NCF-Nepal would like. Read More
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Drinking water to school children

Namaste Community Foundation is also working with 2aid-Germany in initiating a drinking water project for one of the schools in Ghachowk. The construction, including preparing the ground and laying the pipes, is almost half completed. We hope to finish the entire project within three weeks. When finished, it will be ready to serve 150+ students,. Read More
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New team members

NCF-Nepal has added three new members to our family to help support our social work in Nepal. Due to the Covid-19 circumstances, a few of our employees were not able to continue their work, either fully or partially. To fulfill the vacancies, we have recently added a house sister, an assistant accountant, and an assistant. Read More
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Our Appeal

Namaste Community Foundation-Nepal requests each one of you to join hands with us to make a difference in making the world a better place to live. Your continuous support & commitment as a responsible family member of NCF-Nepal is truly honorable & commendable as you have touched the lives of many children & people of Nepal. From the smallest to the most significant project, your support of several years has made a positive impact on our community.

The ripple effect of your help, guidance & encouragement has touched the lives of many. For that, you have allowed us to celebrate, commemorate, and continue to reach beyond the horizon to make the world a better place.

We wish you many healthy & happy years to pursue your commitment & voice toward a better world. You also can encourage and invite others from around the world to join our family in positively changing many more lives & communities!

If you haven't joined yet and want to be part of our family or mission, you can contact us ([email protected]), or please SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter.

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