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We at NCF-Nepal hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy. The corona crisis has adversely affected many lives worldwide, and Nepal is no exception. We are in the 8th week of the lock-down, and Nepal has over 217 COVID confirmed cases, and 31 of these have already recovered.

We are here again to share our activities through this newsletter.


Extended food relief program

We have extended our food relief support to the ex-trainees of our Women’s Empowerment Project in collaboration with Namaste Foundation – Netherlands. The first 52 women in the most critical situations have now received bags of rice, lentils, vegetables, oils and other basic necessities. They have also received information about hygiene and precautions on how to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

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Lockdown Diaries of our children

If you haven’t been following our Facebook posts, you might have missed our regular project activities. We have made a short video and hope it provides you with information about what our children’s home is doing to cope with the lock-down situation. We hope it will be of interest to you.

Please click the link:

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Uniting homes during crisis

The Network of Children Homes (2007) was initiated by Visma Raj Paudel to unite, share good practices, and support each other during difficult times within the children’s homes in the Gandaki Province. Of the children’s homes in this region, the smaller ones are facing the most challenges during this lock-down.

Recently, Mr. Paudel formed a committee led by Mr. Bijaya Pradhan (child activist), along with other invited representatives from the other homes. The committee is collecting funds to utilize during an emergency such as this and encouraging everyone to help each other to stay safe and healthy and listen experts advice.

NCF-Nepal profoundly appreciates the effort and time that this committee has been contributing to make their efforts a success.

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Support our work

We want to thank all of you who have been supporting us in releasing the relief packages during this lock-down situation. If you would like to support our future activities, you can donate through Pay-Pal ( or deposit directly into our bank account listed below:

Namaste Community Foundation
Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd
Account No: 01-1269968-01
Swift Code: SCBLNPKA

Even a small donation will make a massive difference in the lives of the needy people of Nepal.


Visma Raj Paudel (Founder/Chairperson)
And the entire Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal

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Our Appeal

Namaste Community Foundation-Nepal requests each one of you to join hands with us to make a difference in making the world a better place to live. Your continuous support & commitment as a responsible family member of NCF-Nepal is truly honorable & commendable as you have touched the lives of many children & people of Nepal. From the smallest to the most significant project, your support of several years has made a positive impact on our community.

The ripple effect of your help, guidance & encouragement has touched the lives of many. For that, you have allowed us to celebrate, commemorate, and continue to reach beyond the horizon to make the world a better place.

We wish you many healthy & happy years to pursue your commitment & voice toward a better world. You also can encourage and invite others from around the world to join our family in positively changing many more lives & communities!

If you haven't joined yet and want to be part of our family or mission, you can contact us ([email protected]), or please SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter.

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