Tarlen Handayani



” I never thought about voluntary program before. I just thought about went to the place that I never visited before on my birthday. My friend gave me idea about voluntary program in Nepal. After googling it, I caught on IVHQ website and find this program. When I signed up, I never imagine what it will be like, I just thought, that would be nice, celebrate my birthday with a cup of coffe and enjoyed Himalaya’s sunrise. When Hope and Home sent me to Pokhara for Orphanage program and place me in Namaste, for me It was the best birthday gift that I ever had.

It was life changing experience for me. Every moment, every second it was amazed me that every joy, every laugh, every smile from every member of Namaste Family was content me. I realised that happiness real when shared. Every member of Namaste Family taught me about sincerity of happiness and gave me tons of positive energy when I coming back to my routine.

I always missing this experience, Namaste Family always make me want to go back to Nepal. By the way, I am Tarlen Handayani, volunteer from Indonesia. I did my program from March 16th till April 5th, 2013.

I am so grateful for all these experiences. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
Hope to see you soon. Send my love to all amazing Didis.

Lots of love

Tarlen Handayani