Women’s Entrepreneurship Development

Support families creating financial independence

This program was launched with the purpose to liberate the people from their financial dependency especially to those living below the level of poverty. In this program, we provide micro credits to women who have successfully completed the training from “Woman Empowerment Project” to start their own business.

“This project was born out of a desire to provide the needy people of Nepal with an angling rod and to teach them how to fish, instead of ‘feeding’ them the fish. It aims to reduce dependency through helping disadvantaged people to start their own micro businesses.

The project includes initial training, micro financial support and regular monitoring. Once the selected families understand the program and the possibility of creating self-sustainability, most of them decide on either starting a vegetable shop, tea shop, having a small farm, raising cattles or taking up sewing & Tariloring business. Every families are provided with a 2 months additional time in which they are not obligated to pay any interest and installments. But at the end of 3rd month they should start up with their first installment and pay the same amount continuously for 24 months. This is because of the realization that people won’t value anything that is for free nor they become responsible. Moreover, it is also focused towards encouraging women entrepreneurship for financial independence.

At the moment, 118 families are supported and few more families are in the process of getting support under this program.”

Cow FarmingGoat FarmingPoultry FarmingSewing & TailoringStreet VendorVegetable FarmingTotal
  • A total of 118 successful entrepreneurs have been created from the poor families in a business like tailoring, livestock farming (cow/buffalo/chicken) and retail shops (tea/vegetable/cloth store).
  • This business opportunity has reduced financial dependency and has created sustainable income to help support the families.
  • It has helped give them a feeling of self-worth and has made them a productive part of society for their families and has supported them to adjust to the social culture and values of the region.
  • It has prevented some children from being abandoned and has been instrumental in helping to stop the cycle of single or widowed mothers some times running away in the night and going to another part of Nepal where they can begin a fresh life unencumbered by past relationships or children."