Namaste’s Ex-Children Reunion

After completion of their education, the reintegration of our older children is always a concern for us. Recently, we organized a reunion program at the Himalayan Guest House for all of our reintegrated children. Although not all of these children could join us, the attendance was far more than expected. We were very encouraged to see the children’s progress, their leadership skills, and their sense of personal responsibility.

We listened to their joys, sorrows, and experiences of independent living. Our Founder/ Director, Mr. Visma Raj Paudel, conducted a group counseling session for all participants for a better tomorrow and motivated them to do good for the other needy people around them. We also formed an Alumni Club, currently consisting of seven members, but will be extended up to eleven at our next meeting. The club members will share their ideas and various happenings of all the participants while supporting each other.

The NCF-Nepal team is very happy with the success of this meeting and congratulate Mr. Tej Bahadur Gurung for his help in coordinating the gathering as well as accepting responsibility as the Chairman of the Club.

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