Celebration of 16th Anniversary

We recently celebrated our 16th Anniversary on 10th June 2019 together with our children, in our lakeside home. During this ceremony, we remembered with appreciation, each and everyone of you (well-wishers, friends, donors, sponsors, volunteers, partner charities and board members, advisory group, etc.) for you helping hands in supporting us and assisting in our continued social efforts in Nepal..

In 16 years, we have already rescued 106 children with our children home program, of which 76 children are successfully reintegrated into the fabric of Nepal and living financially independent. 176 children from poor families have been supported for school education, 180 single women have been provided vocational training; of which 143 women and their families have become financially independent. Over 25000 hearing patients have received free treatment and thousands of people were supported with immediate emergency aid after the terrible 2015 earthquake. There were several other short-term programs which we completed like: the drinking water project, sanitation project, library enhancement, children’s park, plantation program, blood donation, etc. All these projects have been only possible with the support of all of you kind hearted people around the world.

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