Day 8: Sharing Happiness with Nature Lovers
We celebrated our Day 8 (29-09-2020) by sharing some joy with “Project Nature Nepal,” a team of young people (youth) regularly volunteering to clean up the garbage from Fewa Lake and, in the process, saving nature.   Likewise, the group “Heal Himalayas” is working to clean up Pokhara and the surrounding areas in the Himalayas

Day 7: Sharing Happiness With Government Representatives
Photo: Sanitizer, metal dispenser, masks and a thermal gun handover to the ward office, Pokhara-6We celebrated our Day 7 (28-09-2020) by sharing some cheer with the Ward Office of Pokhara Metropolitan-6, Lakeside by GIFTING hand sanitizer, metal sanitizer dispenser, face masks, and a fever measuring digital machine (thermal gun) in the presence of the Ward

Day 6: Sharing happiness with Single Women
We celebrated our day-6 (27-09-2020) by sharing some happiness through giving some groceries and fruit trees (Avocado & Litchi or Guava) to 60 single women from Ghachowk, Lahchowk and neighbouring areas. We believe the fruit trees would also support these women for future income generations.

Day 6: Sharing Happiness with School Children
Photo: Sanitizer and Mask handover to the school principal and family.We celebrated our day-6 (27-09-2020) by sharing some happiness through organizing the COVID-19 awareness program in Bal Kalyan Primary School (government-funded school in Ghachowk). We found that many of the children’s parents don’t have enough knowledge about COVID-19 or the money to send their kids

Day 5: Sharing happiness with lakeside visitors
In Day 5, we further conducted a COVID-19 awareness campaign with visitors in the Lakeside area. Our children and staff were well-equipped with prevention gear. We distributed the COVID-19 awareness leaflets, masks, and sanitizers to the people walking on the Lakeside streets.

Day 5: Sharing happiness with visually impaired students
Photo: Learning Mp3 Speakers distribution to visually impaired students at Lekhnath, PokharaWe celebrated our Day 5 (26-09-2020) of the “41st National Social Service Day” by sharing some happiness through GIFTING learning devices (Mp3 speakers) to the visually impaired students from Pokhara and Lekhnath, Kaski, Nepal. Nepal Netrahin Sangh, Sangh, Kaski-Branch, Nepal, helped make the student

Day 4: Sharing Happiness with Om Shanti Family
Photo: Groceries and cleaning materials handover at the Om Shanti building, Airport, PokharaWe celebrated our Day 4 (25-09-2020) by sharing some joy through donating some groceries and cleaning materials to the sisters of the “Om Shanti Family” in Pokhara, Nepal. Mr. Visma Raj Paudel and Mr. Man Singh Chaudhary handed over the items to the

Day 3: Sharing Happiness with our children
Photo: Winners of the Drawing competition (Bikash (2nd), Ganesh (1st) & Bisakha (3rd)On day 3 (24-09-2020), we organized a drawing competition among our children as part of celebrating the 41st National Social Service Day. The theme of the drawing competition was “Covid-19 Awareness”. By selecting this drawing theme on current global issues and concerns about

Day 2: Sharing Happiness with Senior Citizens
We celebrated the Day -2 with the elderly people from Shree Krishna Pranami Old Aged Home, located at Pokhara–28, Lekhnath, Kaski, Nepal. We purchased some groceries containing rice, lentils, dry vegetables, oil, flour, and handed them over to the Aged Home. We further distributed some warm shawls to keep the people warm during the cold

Day 1: Inauguration Ceremony
On the first day (22-09-2020), we attended the online official inauguration ceremony by honorable Prime Minister Mr. K.P. Sharma Oli and other ministers from Kathmandu, Nepal. Later, we formally started the program with an inauguration ceremony in our Home in the presence of Founder/Chairman Mr. Visma Raj Paudel, the staff, and the children at our

Celebrating 41st National Social Service Day
Namaste Community Foundation just finished its celebration of the “41st National Social Service Week 2020” and the Nepal Government and the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens. On this auspicious occasion, we organized one program every day for eight days in the following ways. Here are the programs that we completed in this 1-week

Festival Celebrations at our home
Every year, we come across many festivals and celebrations. Within the last two months, we had World Children’s Day, which is related to our organization’s nature. Similarly, we celebrated the Nepali festival Teej, a beautiful festival primarily dedicated to the ladies. Most Nepali Hindu women celebrate this festival by singing, dancing, dressing up nicely, and

Secondary Education Examination Result
This year, all of our hard work and your contributions have paid off as in previous years. Ms. Bishaka Chhetri and Ms. Niruta Pariyar finally passed their Secondary Education Examination (SEE) with a decent grade. This achievement is a happy moment for the NCF-Nepal family and those who have contributed to the organization. Therefore, we

Message from Founder Director
Hello and Namaste Everyone!! The year 2020 was and still is bad for everyone. But I have realized that this is also an opportunity for all of us. Despite being busy all day with official business workings, you have the chance to spend more quality time with your family, you can be social in innovative