Happy Dashain 2020

On auspicious occasion of Dashain and Tihar; we all at NCF Nepal would like to wish you a healthy, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity in your lives and may god give power to ensure healthy lives.

This Dashain (26 Oct 2020) had 2 major reasons to celebrate in our children home; “the victory over devils-Tika” & “12th Birthday” of our Onni Children’s House establishments in partnership with “Wind of Change International – Australia / Finland”

This is the longest Hindu festival in Nepal, traditionally celebrated for two weeks with prayers and offerings to Durga, the Universal Mother Goddess. The great harvest festival of Nepal, Dashain is a time for family reunions, exchange of gifts and blessings, and elaborate pujas. Dashain honors the Goddess Durga, who was created out of the shakti or energy of all the gods, armed with weapons from each of them.

Goddess Durga, symbolizing valor and prowess, is worshipped and offered sacrifices to ensure the devotees’ progress and prosperity. During the first ten days, pilgrims flock to various river confluences early in the morning and sacred shrines in the evening. Ghatasthapana, Phool Pati, Mahaastami, Nawami and Vijaya Dashami are the series of the events under Dashain each marked with a different set of rituals.

- Published on October 27, 2020