Educational materials support to students of Gorkha

Students from remote Gorkha villages were very delighted to receive some educational materials for their six month study.

Earthquake affected students of three different schools from Gorkha District are supported by Namaste Community Foundation yesterday. Educational materials such as school bag, book, stationary etc. were happily received by 600 students from the founder, chairperson, adviser, staff etc. of NCF-Nepal.

All school board committee and head teacher has expressed their thanks and appreciation for such generosity of NCF-Nepal. Their expectation is to get some more help for school to buy black board, furniture, tarpaulin, medical kit box, etc. to continue classes in more normal way.

Thousands of schools were damaged during April’s devastating earthquake in Nepal are reopen from last Sunday. More than 25,000 classrooms in some 8,000 schools were destroyed in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and its aftershocks, and more than around 8,500 people died.

Most of the school are rebuilt on a temporary basis using materials such as bamboo, wood and tarpaulin.

- Published on June 3, 2015