Dome house establishment in remote villages of gorkha district.

Proud of selfless and hardworking NCF-Nepal’s( team who have been there to help earthquake victims with different projects like Dome house establishment, tin roof sheet distribution, emergency food packages distribution, educational materials support program, health camps, school support projects etc. We hope that these efforts have impacted thousands of children and… people’s life positively in last few months.
In the course of supporting many of the people affected by the earthquake we started our project of establishing the temporary shelter. We choose a place called Pakhuri at Gorkha district for installing the dome house to protect people from monsoon rain. We installed a total of 30 dome house at Gorkha district supporting 30 households. We are now moving towards the construction of schools that are damaged by the earthquake.
As our every intention is to support MORE children & people of Nepal in the long run, we are now aiming to rebuild some damaged schools by the earthquake in the coming days with local and international co-operation. Please be part of our mission and if possible support our cause financially in the coming days also.
Millions of thanks everybody for your co-operation, encouragement and all level of support.
Namaste and cheers!


- Published on July 17, 2015