4th Emergency Relief Aid to Dhading

Namaste Community Foundation (www.ncf-nepal.org) is continuing its efforts to help more earthquake victims of Nepal in several ways. Delighted to share some photos from our 4th emergency aid distribution program in Dhading District. Very long day and had to encounter 7.2 rector scale earthquake on the way before heading toward remote villages with some police personnel and local coordinator.

We were the ones coming there in order to provide rice, mats, tents and other supplies to the  150 families who have been left with nothing. We all left feeling humbled & full of joy. We could share how devastating the villages are or how heartbreaking to witness their situation but we would rather express how amazing and strong-willed these people are. Amongst all this tragedy, there is still happiness, friendship, love & joy !

So far 850 families have been directly benefited from this NCF-NEPAL’s program, where our aim is to reach 1000 families or even more (As per need). More to organize to help these victim people with international and local co-operation.

For any financial contribution : https://www.ncf-nepal.org/donate-us/ , Millions of thanks for your generosity and also share this post on your social media ( if Possible only) !

Namaste and greeting from NCF-Nepal’s team and children !

- Published on May 14, 2015