I was inspired by the NCH Charity and decided to take a trip and spend time in NCH as a volunteer.

I was greeted with open heart and smiling faces, it was exciting to meet all the children and Didis at last reading so much about them.

My first day was spent observing and getting to know everyone at NCH all the children were anxious to know all about me and had many questions for me.

I soon found myself occupied with helping in the house from helping children to dress up, cooking, helping with school work to walking them to school and back every day.

I visited the family who benefited from micro project and also visited children in school with scholarship programmed that the NCH support.

I was amazed to see how the older children take on responsibility looking after the younger ones as well as helping with house chores cleaning and washing to chopping vegetables.

The children are very keen to do well in school so spend a lot of time studying.  I enjoyed teaching Bollywood dance to a group of children who performed on “Funny Friday” theme, it was nice to see so many talented performers taking part that day.

All the children were treated to a picnic to the children’s village from the proceedings from the funding I had raised as well as some money going towards the building project. It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves playing games, playing football to a game of tug of war.

Each and every child at NCH have their own unique character which makes me chuckle when I think about them. I congratulate all the Didis and staff who do a wonderful job giving the children love, affection, encouragement and security at NCH.

It was an amazing experience for me that will stay with me forever. I so look forward to going back to NCH to see the progress of the building project for children’s village which will be a wonderful environment for children to thrive in, of course more funding is needed to make this happen.