Jonathan Bertrand, France  

Jonathan-webMr Jonathan Bertrand from France has worked as a volunteer in our children home in lakeside, Nepal. After working with our children home; he has started a fundraising campaign. He is racing 3500 KM of Indian lands (from Kochi to Jaisalmer) onboard a rickshaw to collect funds for Namaste Community Foundation. The generated fund will be donated to support on building for the children living at our children home. The program is called ” The Namaskar Initiative: bringing cultures by racing 3.500km of indian land to help nepali children in need”

A minimum target to raise fund is $5,000 to support in constructing children building for Nepalese orphaned children.

The race (program) is going to be held in January 2015. If you are interested to support him or the project in Nepal, you can simply contact us through email: [email protected]