How to help us

There are many different ways to support NCF-Nepal. Following are some of the few ways to support us.

  • Sponsor a child in our care (children home) or scholarship program.
  • Work as a volunteer.
  • Donate to our general fund.
  • Buy a brick to construct children houses in our own land.
  • Help to set up a small business to support poor families in a micro business.
  • Organize fund raising events or establish charity in your country to support us in a long run.
  • Donate towards one part of our Namaste village in your name.

Some tips regarding how you can support our mission in convenience and with much fun!

  1. Create a group or invite any institutions to sponsor a child
  2. Support us during your special events in life (i.e: Birthday, Wedding, Job Promotions,etc.)
  3. Challenge any fund raising events (i.e: Nepali Dinner, Bicycle Race, Marathon, Boat Race, etc.)
  4. Register your fund raising campaign for us by simply registering site like ““.
  5. Check with your company, whether they have some funds to support the organization like us.
  6. Organize stall to sell some Nepali merchandise during time like Christmas and trade fairs.
  7. Help us to promote our income generating program (i.e: Outbound Tours & Travels, Purchasing Shawls, Peace Walk Program, Buy a Brick )
  8. Suggest your family members and friends to visit our project in Pokhara in their Nepal’s trip.
  9. Save your shopping change money on the support of our organization.

There are different level of needs of each different projects run by Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal. If it is your interest to support those cause; we simply request you to visit related project pages. The needs of each project are listed in the right side of their page.