Richard Penson

“I first became aware of Namaste Community Foundation (Formerly: Namaste Children’s House) in 2010 when I first visited Nepal and was speaking to a volunteer who had spent 3 months working with the children. Based on her recommendation and positive feedback, in March 2011, I decided to sponsor a number of the children at the House, to enable them to receive a proper education as well as having a safe and secure place to live. I was fortunate enough to visit the House in Pokhara in May 2013 and was very happy to find that my sponsorship was being put to very good use and that the children were being well looked after in a loving and caring environment. Following this very positive visit, I am now working with friends and colleagues to provide further support to Namaste Community Foundation. I would encourage everyone to support the House in whatever way possible as a little can change a lot.”