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The earthquake and aftershocks in Nepal have devastated communities and traumatized a nation. Although the government, international agencies, local organizations and individuals are providing humanitarian assistance, it has yet to reach affected people in the remotest regions.

As the government has been discussing post-quake planning and reconstruction. First two actions has been taken (i.e. rescue and treatment of victims & provision of relief materials and services, such as temporary shelter, food, clothing, etc.) and the third one of "Planned reconstruction and rehabilitation settlements" has been going on. This needs long-term vision, planning and big financial efforts.

In a country with a per capita income of less than US$700, has faced 10+ years of internal conflict & the absence of an elected government for more than a decade, the reality is that the current government has failed miserably to properly respond to the crisis. In this situation, donor agencies & countries have a vital role to play to support the rehabilitation process.

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What we have done so far

Emergency Relief Aid

5th Relief Aid for Sindhupalchowk

Location : Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

Date : May 20, 2015

Back to Pokhara, after witnessing heavy devastation & unbearable misery of people after recent earthquake! Hundreds of relief aid packages and tents were distributed among those most suffered people from Sindhupalchowk district (one of the hardest hit by quake) with our very sincere hope of their fast recovery from this heavy devastation & sorrow of their many family members' death !

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4th Emergency Relief Aid to Dhading

Location : Dhading, Nepal

Date : May 14, 2015

Namaste Community Foundation ( is continuing its efforts to help more earthquake victims of Nepal in several ways. Delighted to share some photos from our 4th emergency aid distribution program in Dhading District. Very long day and had to encounter 7.2 rector scale earthquake on the way before heading toward remote villages with some police personnel and local coordinator.

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Together Nepal Can Be Recovered : Third Emergency Aid distribution program of Namaste Community Foundation( for earthquake victims. We NCF-Nepal team along with some Chinese friends were very much delighted to organize NCF-Nepal’s third emergency aid distribution packages in Samundra Taar VDC, Nuwakot district (250 Kilometers away from Pokhara, where around 50 Kilometers road […]

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Second relief packages distribution at Gorkha.

Location : Gorkha, Nepal

Date : May 5, 2015

We just completed our second relief package distribution program at Gorkha district’s remote villages. A total of 300 packages were distributed to the earthquake victims. Tears rolled out of our eyes seeing the grief and hard time of the people because of the earthquake. We are very much concerned about the affected children’s and people’s […]

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NCF reach out to remote Gorkha villages with emergency aid.

Location : Gorkha, Nepal

Date : May 2, 2015

Witnessing people’s heavy suffering & destruction of their property in the Gorkha villages completely broke our hearts, made us cry while people were sharing their sorrow, suffering and pain of losing their loved ones. With much sadness and full of emotions Namaste Community Foundation ( team was able to reach out some remote Gorkha villages ( […]

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Temporary Shelter / Materials Support

Proud of selfless and hardworking NCF-Nepal’s( team who have been there to help earthquake victims with different projects like Dome house establishment, tin roof sheet distribution, emergency food packages distribution, educational materials support program, health camps, school support projects etc. We hope that these efforts have impacted thousands of children and… people’s life positively in […]

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Tin roof/sheet distribution in Nuwakot District

Location : Nuwakot, Nepal

Date : May 31, 2015

Our effort & help is still going on for Earthquake Victims of Nepal.Some members of NCF-Nepal’s team, who went to Nuwakot to deliver some tin roof/sheet and working tools to establish temporary shelter for around 55 badly earthquake affected families have returned back to Pokhara last Friday. Still few members are coordinating and guiding the villagers to establish shelters for them to live without any fear during upcoming heavy monsoon.

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Educational Materials Support

School support project with passion and love

Location :

Date : June 29, 2015

Bal Kalyan School of Ghachowk-Kaski District was very pleased to receive some bundle of zinc tin roof sheet from Namaste Community Foundation ( today. These tin sheets will be used to build few extra classrooms to replace the ones which are damaged by recent earthquakes.For the safety of many little children( see photos), NCF-Nepal […]

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Educational materials support to students of Gorkha

Location : Gorkha, Nepal

Date : June 3, 2015

Students from remote Gorkha villages were very delighted to receive some educational materials for their six month study.Earthquake affected students of three different schools from Gorkha District are supported by Namaste Community Foundation yesterday. Educational materials such as school bag, book, stationary etc. were happily received by 600 students from the founder, chairperson, adviser, staff etc. of NCF-Nepal.

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Medical Support

Medical camp organized by Namaste Community Foundation (NCF) served 707 earthquake affected villagers of Orasthe VDC Syangja district. Team of 7 doctors from Namaste Hospital, Nepal army along with some medical assistance from Nepal and aboard, local club & school committee etc involvement made this camp possible to serve many villagers in such large scale […]

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Health camp for earthquake victim’s support of lamjung district

Location : Lamjung, Nepal

Date : June 12, 2015

Around 300 people from Gauda VDC of Lamjung District benefited from the health camp organized by Namaste Community Foundation on 10th June. This event was supported by Namaste Hospital –Pokhara, our partner organization: Hearing aid Project Australia & Nepal Army (Pokhara Bijayapur Barrack & Pashupati Gand Lamjung ). Some medical kit boxes and stretchers were […]

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