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Second earthquake strikes Nepal

More casualties and damages has been recorded due to the 13th, May 2015 earthquake which had a magnitude of 7.2 nearby Mount Everest reason. We all are safe in Pokhara including the NCF-Nepal team that was in the Dhading district during the earthquake for emergency aid distribution. The team safely returned back to Pokhara late last night. In such a situation, NEPAL is in need of more international support to recover from this heavy devastation and hardest time.

Please be a part of our support projects:

  1. Emergency aid distribution
  2. Education support for earthquake victim students
  3. Temporary shelter for earthquake victim family

We give thanks to all those international aid agencies, foreign governments, each individual supporting Nepal and being a part of the current ongoing problem. Please take a few minutes to learn of our initiatives for the earthquake victims below. Also, visit our Facebook page for more information:

The Devastation:

The earthquake hit a 7.8 (CNN) on the Richter scale and had devastating effects on various cities and villages of Nepal. Luckily, all staff and children of NCF, NCH, and OCH are safe and well. However, it is not so for many other citizens and aftershocks continue in certain regions.

Though the magnitude does seem to be significantly decreasing, after the terrible effects it’s already had on the country, many people are still living feeling terrified day to day, wondering what else nature has in store for us. Though Pokhara and its citizens seems to be managing okay, other victims are suffering from major psychological distress.

Some statistics about the earthquake are as follows:

  • Size of Earthquake: 7.8 on the Richter scale
  • Number of Casualties: 8019
  • Number of Injured People: 17866
  • Number of People Missing: 366
  • Number of Damaged Houses: 269107
  • Number of Houses Destroyed: 299588

All stats found on CNN as of May 10th, 2015

Many villages have been horribly damaged and left to nothing but doorframes and window frames that once housed many lovely families who are now displaced with nowhere to go. Seeing the state of the villages during each of our distribution of earthquake relief has only motivated us further to better our efforts and abilities to help all those affected by this tragedy.

Our Goals to Help the Victims:

Our current goal for earthquake victim support :

To distribute a total of 1000 earthquake relief packages to various families - we have reached up to 650 families so far.

Each relief package costs 25 USD and they include food, medicine, tent, mattress, clothing etc. The total cost of the project is 25000 USD where lacking fund is 5000 USD.

Provide education support for 500 students with cooperation and support from the Nepal government and local bodies in Pokhara. Total project cost is 15000 USD, where lacking fund is 5000 USD.

To build a total of 200 temporary shelters before the monsoon season hits the country. Once the monsoon season does begin, the already damaged houses will be in even worse condition and more vulnerable to other natural situations that may arise. Total project is 70,000 USD (Each shelter cost 350 USD), no fund raised so far for this project. Please sponsor one or more shelter on your name or your's loved one and someone's memory. Contact us: [email protected]

Please support our above projects financially to help earthquake victim people here in Nepal, thanks!

For any online donation, visit :


Video Clips

Brief look at one of our distributions from one of our volunteers at NCH:

“I had the opportunity to accompany the NCF-Nepal team during one of the trips to distribute earthquake relief packages to a nearby village. It was one of the most humbling and eye-opening trips I’ve ever been on. It took us quite a bit longer than initially expected to reach the village, but though we were very late, everybody was still up and waiting patiently for the supply truck to arrive.

It was quite dark by the time we arrived so I did not get the chance to have a good look at the state of the entire village, but I will describe the one home got to inspect. What I initially saw was what seemed to have been a room that had been left to nothing but a doorframe and about three inches of wall left from the ground up. As I continued looking around the property I saw that none of the rooms had a proper roof left, and there was no safe covering from the rain or any other natural weathers that may occur.

I only saw a small part of the village but that was essentially the condition of all the homes I did get to pass by. However, even with the devastating state the village was in, the people of the village were still wearing some of the biggest and most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen, there was laughter, endless gratitude, and so much love. There was no hesitation to provide us with tea and even a hearty meal, which was honestly the most delicious meal I have had in Nepal to date. We were the ones coming there in order to provide rice, mats, tents and other supplies to the families who have been left with nothing, yet they were more than happy to share all of this with us. I left feeling humbled and full of joy and love.

I could share how devastating the state of the village was or how heartbreaking it was to see that these people had next to nothing, but I would rather express how amazing and strong-willed these people are. Amongst all this tragedy, there is still more love, kindness, and joy than I have yet to find anywhere else in the world.”

- Eury Jeong

Our Governments’ Efforts:

Our government has also been providing valiant efforts to reach all those affected, but unfortunately our government is very poor and was already in an economic crisis.

No one could have predicted and prepared to deal with such a natural calamity. There is not enough government managed and trained manpower in this country to deal with this devastation, but as a valiant effort they have already mobilized all their human resources.

It has been very fortunate that there are many international aid agencies, organizations etc who are working very hard with their love and compassion to help to recover this country from this hard situation.

We are also trying to support these people as much as we can from our above projects with international and local co-operation.

A very positive note to add is that, due to there being no admin cost at all for this project, 100% of your donations with go directly to the victims for emergency aid distribution and education support of earthquake victim students.

Our Appeal:

We, the NCF-Nepal team, would like to request your help in order to achieve our current goals for this project. Donations are more than welcome and can be sent through our PayPal account or directly transferred to our Namaste Bank Account (details below).

We would like to request that for donations directly transferred to our account, the amount should be 500 USD or greater, but any other donations, either higher or lower, can be sent through PayPal (the link for the account can be found at: Every penny counts, and not only that, but every penny donated will go directly to helping us help the victims of our country.

For more information, or follow-ups on our continued efforts, please follow us and like us on our Facebook page.

Namaste Community Foundation
Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd
Account No: 01-1269968-01
Swift Code: SCBLNPKA


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