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As you know, Nepal was recently hit with two devastating earthquakes that have left this country in dire need of emergency help. The earthquake was so huge that it took 8629 innocent lives while also leaving more than 18,000 casualties behind. Many children became orphans, many are now homeless and every one of them are pleading for help.
We took immediate action in order to help all those we could reach. So far we have been able to distribute numerous emergency earthquake relief packages to around 1000 families in various regions terribly affected by the earthquakes. The total cost of this project is 30,000 USD (Thirty Thousand US dollar). We are thankful to those people and organizations around the World who have financially supported this project to accomplish all of this during Nepal’s most difficult time.

The next step we wish to take is to provide over 500 students from remote earthquake affected mountainous villages with books, stationary and uniforms to enable them to go school. The total cost of this project is 15,000 USD. This project has already been fully sponsored by some of our partner charities and supporters. Coming Tuesday, Our NCF-Nepal team will visit some remote villages of Gorkha district along with Nepal government authority to organize the planned distribution program.

The Nepalese have been relatively well supplied with food and the government says that they have enough stock to sustain them throughout the monsoon season. The biggest challenge now is providing shelter and accommodation for the people who have lost everything. Many aid workers have warned that time is running out to rebuild what was destroyed as Nepalese victims are in desperate need of shelter.

Therefore, our last project is to build 200 temporary shelters for those families who have been left with nowhere to live except for rubble. These shelters will be intended to last for a minimum of one year, and we are hoping to get them built before the monsoon season hits. Thunderstorms are already arriving ahead of the full-blown monsoon season. Once monsoon season hits, if the hundreds of thousands of displaced citizens do not have adequate shelter, the mortality rate will likely skyrocket. Also, the already damaged houses will deteriorate to worse conditions and be even more vulnerable to future natural calamities. The families, who are currently residing outside, will have no choice but to endure the rain in makeshift tents and homes. The total cost of this project is 70,000 USD and we have been able to raise 10,000 USD already.

We know that to raise another 60,000 USD is hefty, but even if we aren't able to reach our goal, every contribution counts. Therefore, we are sending this request to you and your company with sincere hope of your financial support. We guarantee that every cent donated will go straight to Namaste Community Foundation, and from them, it will go straight to funding the building of shelters.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We are assured that your love and kindness in such human urgency will not go unacknowledged. We look forward to receiving your positive response and are very hopeful that we can deliver your warmth and love to these people who have suffered so much.

Together we can make a difference so that many children/people’s lives can be changed from misery and sadness into hope and happiness.

Most sincerely,

Visma Raj Poudel
NCF-Nepal Team

Those who want to act on our behalf to obtain some fund from different institutions to achieve our temporary shelter project for earthquake victim can simply forward our ready proposal below.To download click here.

How you can help us

Any general contribution toward this project is highly appreciated.

Sponsor one or more shelter on your, your family or someone's memory and loved one's name.

Challenge any fundraising event in your home town as like musical event, marathon etc.

Register your challenge to raise some fund to support this cause on a site like gofundme, just giving etc.

Contact your next door organization, business institutions, school, church to check if they can be part of this noble cause.

Aware your friends, colleague, relatives etc about this campaign via social media and in your personal meetings

If you have any other ideas to help to achieve this mission then please contact us : [email protected]


Download Our Proposal
Visit our facebook and to obtain more information about our various activities related to support earthquake victim people.

Sharing is Caring

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