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From the founder/director,

Namaste & a warm greeting to all the well-wishers and supporters from all of us at Namaste Community Foundation-Nepal. Previous years were really wonderful with all your support and generosity but last year was really tough for all the Nepalese people because of the massive earthquake of 7.8 & 7.2 magnitude & and unofficial blockade of India. With all the courage and support from the people like you all, we have managed to come this far and we are recovering slowly. Currently at the moment, we are really very happy to see many of the international charity organizations, peoples and even the Government of oversea country showing their active participation in helping the Nepalese to come out of that tragic situation. We will always be indebted for your support above the limit during the time of emergency.

It would never have been possible for Namaste Community Foundation to come this long without you all people from all around the world. Your love, support, generosity and heart holy has turned out to be our strength in our hard times and has always motivated us on keep moving.

NCF-Nepal and myself is very thankful for all your support till this day and we are sure that you will always support us with all the humanitarian feelings and value in the programs that we will organize in the future. With all your support and help, we are sure that we will march toward the new era of Humanity.

If you are interested (If not yet) to be part of our projects in any way (partnership, sponsoring fully or partially, technical support or guidance, etc.); NCF-Nepal would be very grateful. For further queries, you can contact me directly at [email protected] or our admin section at [email protected].

We would like to update you with the latest news about our foundation, latest activities and children's performance.

Accomplishment of the month goes to: The house mothers for all their hard work and dedication to run the two houses with great responsibility and love towards the children.

New Year Celebration

Like previous years, we also celebrated Nepali New Year 2073 with so much of joy and happiness, together with the staff, the organization team and the children of Namaste Community Foundation.

Although last year was not a good year in the history of Nepal but despite of all those terrible moments we stood high and we pray that such a natural disaster will never happen again in the future.

School Results

The most awaited moment by everyone is the end year academic results of the children. But without any disappointment every single child from both houses passed their examination with good marks and got promoted to the higher class. We are very proud and extremely happy to have smart children in our broad family and to see that all the efforts paid off.

Likewise, the result of students appearing the district level examination of class 8 was a success. All the students passed securing more than 70% and most of them hit distinction. Congratulations to all the graduates and we wish you all a very bright, prosperous and happy years ahead!

Scholarship Distribution

We just completed our scholarship distribution program. It was organized last Friday dated 29th April 2016. A total of 52 students participated in the program. The students were provided with the necessary stationary materials (copies, note books, pen, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, color pencils, Geometric box, calculators, refills, etc.) for a year, school uniform including tailoring costs, school shoes, socks and transportation expenses. Students submitting the invoice of books purchase and school fees was also reimbursed.

The number of students participating was reduced this year due to completing school leaving certificate examination, few of them quit school after they were not able to improve their formal education. We still wish the reintegrated children a very bright future and a happy journey ahead in life.

Picnic Program

A picnic program was organized after a long time especially for the kids staying under the children houses under Namaste Community Foundation. This program was to refresh them from all their busy school schedules and the worst moments they have passed through in the year 2072. The program turned out to be more fun than expected, therefore we intend to conduct in the future. Various fun games like balloon blast, musical chair, hit the pot, etc. were organized for the entertainment.

Participation (Care for me)

As usual we keep the updates about the new changes in the directory of children house and about the current happenings 2 days' program entitled "care for me" Campaign related with "Quality Care for children in residential homes", which was organized by District Child Welfare Board and SOS children village, Pokhara. Mr. Man Singh Chaudhary, General Manager for the Organization participated in the program.

Likewise, Mr. Chaudhary also participated in one-day interaction Session with the officials from Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu and other line-government agencies to discuss about the SWC approval and update towards completion of minimum standards regulation for children homes. We will come back with more details and the outcome of the meeting in the next newsletter.

Participation of final exam for 11th Grade students

The grade 11 children have passed their final exams recently. We are happy that all of them have done well! Congratulations to all of them and we expect them to keep up the good work in the future! We are quite happy that our hard work including motivation, 2 months' extra classes for Accountancy and Economics have helped them a lot in their exam preparations. We are optimistic to get a positive impact over student's performance. Currently, they are having a short break from school and they are helping with the daily household maintenance, supporting their own brothers, sisters, didis and mammies.

Completion of SLC examination

Three of our children have completed their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) last month. Currently they have joined 3 months' computer lessons in morning session and during afternoon and evening, they also have been helping in various ways in daily house management. All of them are very optimistic to secure high ranks. Their exam results will be published in mid of July this year. The 11th grade will start somewhere after 3-4 weeks of having their school results published.

Fun with Magic

A magic show was performed by a group of strangers here at Namaste Community Foundation. They were strangers just for some seconds but when they started their performance they were the closest as their performance was very much interactive. These people were here for the first time but did a lot for the kids. All the children loved the show and were very much happy. We felt glad too, to see the smile on the face of the children J.

Christine Anthony's Donation

Our well-wisher and always a very good supporter Mrs. Christine Anthony from Australia has donated us AUD 10,000. She donated us the amount in her visit to Nepal in the month of April 2016. We are very much delighted and would like to thank Christine for such a generous contribution for our children home program!



Also we would like to kindly request everyone who is able to donate for a child's future, we are very happy to receive any support, as this is an investment for the future of our next generations, a priceless help for children with great potential.

Thank you !

Man Singh Chaudhary
Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal


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