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Yes, very truly said, the success doesn't remain solely to one person and success doesn't come easily. You need to have belief and work really hard with dedication. The success of one person not only makes him happy but gives happiness and motivation to the entire people associated with him or her. Having said that currently at the moment we the entire Namaste Community Foundation family are very happy in the success of our three children. They did their best and secured good grades in their school leaving certificate examination.

Some of you might have guessed it already and some of you might be wondering about whom we are talking about. Yes, they are non-other than Saraswoti Pokhrel, Durga Bhandari and Sumitra B.K. These three children have secured 3.70, 3.65 and 3.35 GPA respectively and this is the highest ever in the history of Namaste Community Foundation. If feels like all of our hard work has paid off. Their late night study, our continuous guidance and the quality education of the school has made it all possible. Thanks to all the three children, entire staffs & board of Namaste, Step by Step Boarding School and all sponsors, donors, well-wishers abroad for making all of this come true. This has motivated us even more to render ourselves in the humanitarian field.

Who could have thought that, the children who were once helpless can achieve such a success? These are the children who were not even able to fulfill their basic needs. Acquiring formal education was far more beyond their imagination. This has proved that a little help and a little effort from our side can change the future of the children and we expect to see them as a great national personality in the near future.

Not only with these three but with all the children at Namaste Community Foundation, we can see their interest towards education is increasing and this has been proved by their result of last year. The behavioral change in the children is also shows that they are motivated. We are very happy indeed with the success of our children and to see their progressiveness in formal education. This is the moment that we should be really proud of and this is the moment that we have been waiting for so long.

NCF-Nepal have rescued 106 children in total from 2003 and given them a second chance in their life. We are operating two children homes and successfully reintegrated 59 children after completing their higher education or vocational training and a job placement.

Here we would like to share the short story of these three children who have created a huge happiness this year.

Durga Bhandari: When we rescued Durga in Sept 2004, his family situation was not good. He came from an extraordinarily poverty-stricken home, where he had no choice then going into the street. It was not an easy journey for him to get the current success. During his first few months, he tends to be more quiet than most of the boys his age, but once he warms up to a person, he can be surprisingly talkative. Durga is gifted in his ability to study, and is an excellent student at his school. His development picture speaks itself.

Sumitra BK: Sumitra is a girl from a remote village in Kaski. She became our family member since October 2003. She also had a sad story behind. The living situation was cramped, food was scarce, and they did not have enough clothing to stay warm during cold nights. After she became our family, she started enjoying to live with family with much love, care and healthy life. She studied hard and became one of the best students in her class. Her hard work, dedication, discipline and labourish nature could not stop her to get the success and now you can see the result. See the development pics.

Saraswoti Pokhrel: When we got an application of Saraswoti in December 2004; she was already working in as child servant at the age of 7 to support in cooking, washing and cleaning for a family. There was waves of tragedy that swept the lives of Saraswoti and her sisters. After a landslide destroyed their property, they were all forced to leave the village to stay in one room hut which they shared with cattle.

After joining our family, her dedication, honesty and interest towards education lead her to secured 1st position in her class. Apart from that, she is an affectionate and caring young girl, with a real visible intelligence. Saraswoti, being strong willed and smart, we are confident that she would be capable of whatever she sets for her future career.

Here are the details of children supported under our two programs (Children Home and Educational Scholarship)

Total children supported Program (Mode of Support) Reintegrated till date For
106 Children home for 3-12 years of family care, education, healthcare, vocational training, etc. 59 Orphaned, Abandoned and needy children of various region
176 Educational scholarship support 114 Poor and needy children of various region of Nepal

NCF-Nepal is currently focusing on three major programs to run in coming days. This includes:  Rebuilding primary schools affected by the massive earthquake, Mobile vocational training for the single women in earthquake affected areas and a Technical school that will be primarily focus to youths aged from 16 years to 25 with poor economic background. Preference is given to those who are badly affected by earthquake and still difficulties to manage their daily settlements

If you are interested to be part of these upcoming projects in any way (partnership, sponsoring fully or partially, technical support or guidance, etc); NCF-Nepal would be very grateful. For further queries, you can contact our Founder/Director Mr Visma Raj Paudel directly ([email protected]) or to [email protected] for further details.

In regards to this newsletter or the whole organization, if you have any queries, we would love to address accordingly. We highly appreciate your positive response and guidance.

Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal

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