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Together we can Rebuild Nepal

Since first day of earthquake, Namaste Community Foundation and the team took all necessary immediate action in order to help all those suffered people we could reach. During last month: While helping earthquake victims with emergency relief aid packages, our team visited various remote villages of different district which are hugely devastated by two deadly earthquakes. Seeing people’s situation & sufferer broke our heart and made us cry severally but at the same time  it has also raised our commitment to help these most suffered people in every possible way. It is hard to describe their situation and what we have seen is completely terrifying & indescribable!  After all we are bold, dedicated and responsible towards these people’s lives therefore our every idea now is to help some of  them  to change their life from this ongoing miserly into happiness. All these can be done through our different projects and most importantly along with local and international communities’ co-operation & generosity.

  • So far we have been able to distribute numerous amounts of emergency earthquake relief packages to around 1000 families (around 5000 people benefited) in various regions terribly affected by the earthquakes.
  • 600 hundred earthquake affected students from three different school of  Gorkha district's remote villages are supported with our educational materials for their six month study.
  • 55 families (minimum 125people are benefited)  from Nuwakot remote village were distributed tin sheet to build temporary shelter with help of our representative.
  • Some financial support has been offered to our children’s and staff’s family affected by earthquake.
  • On the 9th June, our team along with some medical personal are going to Lamjung district to organize general health camp for hundreds of remote villagers. Emergency medical kit box along with some stretcher will be also distributed among some local representative of different villages to deal with any emergency cases which can be arisen in coming days.

Our ongoing projects

OUR EFFORT is still going on to help more earthquake victim students and people of Nepal.

Many school throughout the most earthquake affected districts are no longer there,  the buildings are not in livable  condition due to several cracks on the wall and roof . Therefore we are aiming to support 5 local government school with tin roof to create temporary class rooms, which will enable hundreds of students to attain their classes regularly during sun light and heavy monsoon. Total cost of this project will be 15000 USD.

We are aiming to support 200 earthquake affected families with temporary shelter, where 55 families from Nuwakot have  already received tin roofs to build their shelter with our representative’s help and guidance. Around 50 doom houses are under construction to be given to the homeless people. Each of this cost around 200 USD.

Be a part of our mission

Your support is crucial to accomplish above projects therefore please consider to challenge any event to support our above mission financially:

  1. by organizing any fund raising event ( musical night, dinner evening, etc.)
  2. Run or play to support  earthquake victims of Nepal .
  3. Register your challenge on site like justgiving, gofundme, etc.

Also please register any initiatives that you organize for these most suffered people's support with Namaste Community Foundation. We want to help you to promote your noble cause through our social media (facebook, Twitter ,website etc) and newsletter. Click here for further information.

Our gratification to the World

It is amazing to realize the number of support, warmth and love from international communities toward these earthquake victim’s support and recovery.

NCF-Nepal is very indebted to the hundreds of local and international people along with our partner charities abroad for their financial support and encouragement. Millions of thanks and appreciation goes to all those whose generosity and continuous concern made us possible to deal with human urgency after last two big earthquakes. We believe in people’s power and it proves that together NEPAL CAN BE RECOVERED & REBUILD, where NCF-NEPAL and it’s team is very happy to take the lead of  this mission in very transparent and professional way.

Our Transparency

To run our organization in very transparent way with minimum admin cost is very important for us and this is something we have been practicing since beginning of our foundation’s establishment .No earthquake fund is used so far for any admin cost & it will not be used in future too. Your 100 % donation will go directly to the victim people and there will be official report to be shared with our government, donators and all supporters. Official report will be posted on foundation website and social media for everyone’s acknowledgement of fund utilization and impact behind all the hard work of NCF-Nepal’s team.

Our Bank Details

Bank Name : Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.

Beneficiary Name : Namaste Community Foundation

A/c No. : 01-1269968-01 | Swift Code : SCBLNPKA


How to support us

  • Aware your friends & colleagues about this campaign via social media
  • Check if your next door organization, schools, church, business firm, etc can be a part of this noble cause.
  • Save a dollar for a year. $365 can build a shelter for a family.
  • Any general donation is highly appreciated.
  • Support our good cause on your, your family, someone's memory and loved one's name.
  • Be a funding partner of NCF-Nepal to rebuild Nepal after 2015 massive earthquake.

“Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life”

Sharing is Caring

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Our Current Supporters

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