Dear Well-Wishers and Supporters, Namaste and warm greetings from all of us at Namaste Community Foundation. As we are close to our main Hindu festival, we would like to extend our wishes to you, 'Happy Dashain' and may this festival bring happiness, joy and good health to all throughout the World and most crucially to make our World a better place together, where all people from different cultures, genders, religions and ages can live with dignity, harmony and peacefully. Fun and joy to those who join with us and celebrate.

We intend to run our projects professionally, transparently, economically with local and international co-operation, our main priority is to build friendships and mutual understanding with our partner organisation and any individual or institution from global community.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions as they are key to our further development and growth. Further co-operation, partnership and support from you and your institution will be highly appreciated and instrumental toward our beneficiaries' well-being and sustainability. Thank you and happy Dashain and Tihar-2071(Nepali Year)!

Most Sincerely

Visma Raj Paudel and Namaste family

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Note: We are delighted to inform to our readers that the upcoming newsletter will be sent in monthy basis and much more user friendly as our newly appointed Web Developer "Mr. Sanil Shakya" is working on it.
For our present newsletter we would like to present testimonials for the people who have been at our project in Pokhara and who are supporting us financially. We believe that this will enable those of you who have not visited this project first hand to understand its scope, progress, potential and management, most importantly from international help. Please take a few moments to go through the testimonials below, thanks!

Alexander Hallett
In 2013, I spent the year volunteering in orphanages in 7 countries around the world for 1-2 months at a time. I experienced first-hand what the conditions of orphanages are like in Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Kenya, South Africa, Romania, and Peru. After spending 5 weeks at Namaste in 2013, I can say without hesitation that Namaste Children's Home is the blueprint for how an orphanage can and should be run. The amazing children at Namaste are cared for by a staff of hard-working, selfless locals, who help to instill compassion, responsibility, camaraderie, and self-reliance in the children. They do this by walking with the children to and from school every day, helping with their homework, helping give the kids responsibilities like cooking and cleaning, and working side-by-side with them in projects around the local community. The children are loved unconditionally without being coddled, allowed to just be kids while still having adult responsibilities, and prepared for the future and life after the orphanage to be worldly stewards of humanity. Go to Namaste. I promise you'll have a smile on your face and in your heart every second you're there. Sincerely,

Richard Penson, Well-wisher and children sponsor from UK
"I first became aware of Namaste Community Foundation (Formerly: Namaste Children's House) in 2010 when I first visited Nepal and was speaking to a volunteer who had spent 3 months working with the children. Based on her recommendation and positive feedback, in March 2011, I decided to sponsor a number of the children at the House, to enable them to receive a proper education as well as having a safe and secure place to live. I was fortunate enough to visit the House in Pokhara in May 2013 and was very happy to find that my sponsorship was being put to very good use and that the children were being well looked after in a loving and caring environment. Following this very positive visit, I am now working with friends and colleagues to provide further support to Namaste Community Foundation. I would encourage everyone to support the House in whatever way possible as a little can change a lot."
Check our recently updated website (, although still currently under construction. Our idea is to provide key information of our organisation alongside varying projects in progress, their impact, the financial side and to present an understanding of our work to the outside world. Any feedback and suggestion regarding new site is highly appreciated,
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The Annual General Meeting of Namaste Community was completed and celebrated on the 13thSeptember 2014 at The Himalayan Kitchen, Pokhara-6.The progress report, budget and other important matters were discussed in the open session. Participators for the report included; Members from District Child Welfare Committee, NGO federation, Network of Children Homes, District Administration Office, Various business house workers, and local partners. The Advisory group board, general members, children and other beneficiaries also participated in the meeting. The major agenda was to discuss the AGM for the Audit Report, Progress Report, Yearly Budgets, Renewed progress, budget approval from Social Welfare Council, Completing donor's guidelines, project agreement, government regulation , NCF-Nepal's sustainability and MoU with other participating charities.
Agriculture training at Ghachowk has been started from 20th August 2014. A total number of 24 trainees have been selected from strict selection procedure. The official opening ceremony was held on 20th August, followed by the 2 days psychological counseling to generate concentration towards training. Three trainers have been selected including: Mr. Dhan Bahadur Rana 2nd Class Officer at Regional Agriculture Directorate - Pokhara, Mr. PurnaBhadur G.C – Ghachowk and Mr. Dinesh Pokhrel. This two month training will cover the training on: soil testing, seasonal and unseasonal vegetable farming, tunnel tomato farming, mushroom production and animal farming, etc. It will also include motivational classes, business classes, low rate loan and managerial service in different stages to encourage for female entrepreneurship.
Extensive Reading Program at our Library has been running successfully. This program have started with an initiation of Kenny and Vicky Allen (USA) and currently working in UAE. This program actually motivates children to use library and complete m-Reader quizzes (to check whether they had understood the book or not). The book includes English graded readers and children's literature books. There are 3 new computers opened for the children to take part in m-Reader quizzes in the internet.The children were very excited and during the next 4 weeks, they had read over 360,000 words and passed 213 quizzes!
Staff Empowerment has been thought crucially important by Namaste Community Foundation – Nepal. NCF – Nepal send Mr. Utsav Gurung, Admin Officer for the foundation in 7 days Proposal and Report Writing Training called by CTRDC starting from 3rd August 2014. According to Mr. Gurung training was focused on the scientific approach of writing, problem identification, causes & effects, and its means & ends. Training was found to be effective and is also applicable to the organizations for fund raising.
We also did participated in a training session organized by CWIN-Nepal on the 18th and 19th of August 2014. The project In-charge of Namaste Children's House, Manoj Regmi participated in the training. This training was entirely based on the issues like:Children needed Documentation, Counseling, management of child care homes and many other general issues related to child care homes. The training was classified into four sessions and each trainer conducted the training according to his/her respective field. In nutshell, the training was very fruitful as it was entirely concentrated on the issues related to child care homes.

Similarly, three day social audit training has been participated by Man Singh Chaudhary (Manager). This training was organized by NGO Federation. This social audit has been recently introduced to apply for the social organizations to maintain transparency among local stakeholders. Social audit need to be applied compulsorily by every social organization each year.
Construction of vehicle garage at Ghachowk has been completed. This has been done in front of the building which is supporting for the proper parking place and protection of the vehicle and motorbike. It took almost 5 days to complete. During the course of two months' time; we encountered and sorted out some of the house problem. This includes: maintenance of drinking water storage tank, drainage system and leakagesetc. Similarly the playing equipmentsthat was left unused since long was also taken to workshop for maintenance. Some extra playing equipment will be gifted to the local primary school at Ghachowk after necessary repairs and paintings.
A bicycle was gifted to one of our partially re-integrated children from Namaste Children's House, Nepal. This bicycle was gifted by the Friends of Children Nepal, Germany. This would help her for the daily transportation for studying college and would save an average of 1 hour every day time. Currently she is doing her 11th standard of schooling and is living with her sister.
NCF – Nepal have appointed one teacher to teach in English medium at Shree Bal Kalyan Primary School, Ghachowk. This is a step towards supporting local school to improve their quality education. Our team were also participated and involved in the teacher selection process to provide an opportunity for the best without having any bias. Mrs. PuspaPoudel has been selected as the new English teacher. She has completed her Master in Arts with English as a major subject. Besides, she is also a local resident of Ghachwok, which will motivate her to proving better education.
Being a multi-cultural country; NCF – Nepal cannot stay isolated out of that. During this three month; we have celebrated Janai Purnima on 10th August and Teej on 28th August 2014. Similarly, the Krishna Janmasthmi, Asthami Brata, Children's Day and other festivals has been celebrated during this time. Basically in Janai Purnima, Nepalese people tie a sacred thread (Janai) around their wrists from the priest. During Teej: Girls put on colorful dresses especially red and enjoy the festival singing and dancing. Some fasts for the day to get good husband, better health and the prosperity of the family members.
Sunil B.K who has been raised under Namaste Community Foundation for 11 years; stepped in to his next stage of his life. He got married recently with a girl from Kahunkhola, Kaski District. Man Singh Chaudhary (Manager at NCF-Nepal) was participated as a guardian of Sunil BK on the wedding ceremony. He blessed both the bride and groom for the prosperity and congratulated them for their better married life ahead. As a guardian NCF – Nepal is also very happy for his endeavor and wishes him a happy married life.
Thank you so much for taking your valuable time to read this newsletter. I hope you enjoyed this edition that includes the important events and information fromthe last three months. We hope it provides all the information you require. However, if you have any additional events that you would like us to publish, do not hesitate to get in contact us. Lastly, from the depths of our hearts, we would like to thank all of you for your continuing charity and support. Please know that TOGETHER, we are making a huge positive difference in the lives of the helpless Nepali children, underprivileged women and adults.

Man Singh Chaudhary (Manager)

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