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Volunteers are our Heroes!

Dear Past and current volunteers

Many Namaste and greeting from everybody from Namaste and Onni house. As you know that we have made a great deal of progress in last 12 years here in Nepal in the field of humanitarian and this is due to the effort of many different people around the world and most of its credit goes to those who have been supporting NAMASTE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION(Former: NAMASTE CHILDREN'S HOUSE) project as a Volunteer in Pokhara, Nepal. You all have experienced that nothing could be more fulfilling than to see the happiness on our children’s faces; to watch them grow, inquire and explore; to shuttle them off to school each day for a quality education; to witness the joy and wonder of their sweet smiling faces. Without past and current volunteers the success and well being of these many children, women and the entire organization would not be possible, therefore we would like to call them ‘Our Heroes’ so we are happy to present their photos and details in our website : to honor and to show our respect to them . We are in the process of uploading more photos of rest volunteers in our web page but if any volunteer’s photo and information is missing then please…please e-mail or send them kindly to us : [email protected] . Thanks

Thanks for your outpouring of kindness and generosity from the day you know this organization, which reflects the spirit of compassion and reminds each of us of the profound impact we can have on many lives when we join together to achieve some life changing goals. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the years ahead in order to positively change the lives of many more children and people of Nepal through our current and new community projects . Our dream is to grow to serve more people and rural communities of Nepal, which is only possible with your further involvement and support. Help us to spread our word widely via social media or organize any fundraising events, visit us again in Pokhara, Nepal to share your love, warm and compassion with our children and staff team.

Please know that we are working hard to professionalize our organization (visit: in best way but if there is any information you would like to obtain then please ask them to us without any hesitation. Also kindly share ([email protected]) your photo with us to upload into our website, if it is not there yet. Thanks for your co-ordination, generosity and understanding.

Regards and best wishes
Namaste family and team

Sharing is Caring

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Our Current Supporters

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