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Newsletter – Completion of Walk for Kids 2018 ::


We are back! 

A longstanding and yet wonderful story found its successful end…

We are happy to announce that all participants of the Walk for Kids trek safely returned back home. Finally, after many years of extensive campaigning, the project could successfully be realized. Even though most of the participants enjoyed their first trekking experience on the sometimes very difficult trails, they all did extremely well and most importantly stayed injury-free during the entire trek. After returning to the Namaste home, the participants together with all other children enjoyed a specially organized and delicious dinner. “It was a wonderful moment when entering the Namaste home again. We were all being welcomed with chants and lots of bright faces. The children were eagerly waiting for us to come back home so that we could tell them about all our experiences.” – Alan Briggs

But let’s go back a view days to the point where everything began…


On the 10th of February, 8 of our children together with 4 adults (including two NCF staff members and two of our international supporters) started their trekking adventure. To support a successful and injury-free trek as well as to bless all sponsors of the campaign, a prayer, held by a Japanese monk at the World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara, was organized.


After the praying ceremony, the actual trek was finally set to start. On the first day, the big group among Moiti, Sumitra and Durga (three of our eldest children) were facing an approximate 4-5 hour walk before reaching the first destination – Dhampus. The trail was relatively simple and yet quite steep – the participants quickly realized, that many exertions may be awaiting them in the upcoming days…


After a joyful evening at Dhampus, including a BBQ party with Namaste Founder/Chairman Visma Raj Paudel and General Manager Man Singh Chaudhary, the group had to prepare for their second day – the trek towards far away Ghandruk. From Dhampus all the way to Landruk and continuing to Ghandruk, that was the plan. The second day was by far the hardest day for our trekkers. Even though the linear distance between the stopovers was in total only around 13 kilometers, they had to walk an incredible 10 hours to reach their destination. That day was strenuous, but still nobody thought about giving up. The group arrived in Ghandruk around 7:00 pm Nepali time.

On the third day, the group headed towards Tadapani. With only around 6 kilometers of linear distance from Ghandruk, this was the shortest trail. Our trekkers arrived their accommodation after only 4 hours. The rest of the day was all about relaxing – both recovering from the previous day’s exertions and again preparing for another difficult trail on the upcoming day.


The fourth day was a very special one for the children. For the first time in their lives, they could experience snow (there was a heavy snowfall during the previous night). The weather was clear, the snow was shining bright and a wonderful trail was lying ahead. The excitement of seeing, touching and playing with the snow boosted the participants with a lot of energy and motivated them to successfully complete their third day. After walking for 8-9 hours, the group safely arrived Ghorepani. Thanks to a well-deserved plate of delicious pasta, the hungry stomachs could soon again be satisfied.


Now the group was so close to reach the final destination: The peak of Poon Hill. To experience the beauty of the sunrise, our trekkers got up very early the next morning. Still rubbing the eyes but set for the final 1-hour hike to see the glorious view on the top point, they left their accommodation around 5am. Finally, the group could enjoy the very special moment when the sun rose from behind the chain of alps. A lot of pictures were taken to capture every second of the moment we were all waiting for.


Shortly after returning to Ghorepani, the group had its breakfast and later left to return to Pokhara. From nearby Ulleri, the participants were picked up by jeeps to head back to our Lakeside home.

We would kindly like to thank all our sponsors and well-wishers for helping us to make this project a successful one. Especially, we can give a huge shout-out to all those children, who voluntarily participated in the trek. They did a wonderful job. Not only did they help their brothers and sisters through the ongoing campaigning, they also challenged themselves to move a step forward in their personal development. Even though the actual trekking event happened belated, we are very delighted to have had your continuous support in all our fundraising activities.

Thank you so much once again for all your wonderful support.

NCF Nepal Family


The list of person, who donated money & their contribution towards Walk for Kids Campaign are:

Details of Donation Collected through Walk for Kids Campaign 2018

S. NoParticularsAmount in Euros
1Donation collected through NCF Nepal (Euros)  – Annex – I 20,480 
2Donation collected through Alan Briggs (Euros) – Annex – II 8,933 
Total Funds Collected  29,413 
Exchange rate of Euro = Nrs 100 for easier calculation


Details of donation collected through NCF Nepal (Annex – I)

S. No.Name Amount in Euros 
1Alexandra Sotkovsky -USA 50
2Alina and Nora Hilligardt – Germany 50
3Alina Gurung -UK 50
4Alisha Gurung – UK 50
5Amy and Rick Farmer – USA 50
6Andy and Kristen Allen – USA 50
7Arshia and Aryash Poudel  -Nepal 50
8Children of NCH-Nepal 100
9Christian Carlsen – Denmark 50
10Dr. Thaneshwor Pahari 100
11Friends of Children Nepal – Germany 500
12Fujairah Higher College of Technology – UAE 8,100
13Ganesh Raj Pahari – Nepal 30
14Gudrun and Michael Jansen – Germany 50
15Hannah Skilton – UK 50
16Henry Bailey – UK 100
17International Brothers and Sister’s Home – Australia 500
18John Patrick Peter Lyons – Kuwait 1,500
19John Wang – The Netherlands 150
20Leanna Flaherty – USA 100
21Lee Walker – Scotland 300
22Lily Bailey – UK 100
23Matt and Crystal Allen – USA 50
24Melanie Willard – USA 50
25Mouza Khamis Salem Humaid – UAE 150
26Mr. Keith & Mrs. Rona Mitchell – Scotland 1,400
27Nelse Willard – USA 50
28Nicola Harris – South Africa 50
29Nisha Gurung – UK 50
30Outbound Tours and Travels – Nepal 1,000
31Private – No disclosure of Name 4,300
32Robert MacMillan – USA 100
33Sandie P Larsen – Denmark 50
34Staff of NCF-Nepal 300
35Stephanie and Ousmanne Sangare – USA 50
36Tanja and Robert Classen – Netherlands 150
37Timo and Jakob Hilligardt – Germany 50
38Vicky and Kenny Allen – USA 100
39Wind of Change International – Australia/Finland 500
Total 20,480


Details of donation collected through Alan Briggs – Switzerland (Annex-II)

S. No.Name Amount in Euros 
1Andrea Mathys 50
2Ann Scott 50
3Annina Brunner 50
4Antoinette Schori 200
5Christian Müller 1,000
6Christina Scheidegger 50
7David Cotting – Switzerland 75
8Désirée Ott 25
9Dominic Fabian 50
10Doris & Clark Stoppia 100
11Elie Peter 50
12Esther Haas 100
13Fabio Ariis 50
14Franco Faccioli 50
15Franziska Schmidle 100
16Gabriela Riner 50
17Jonas Uebersax 50
18Jordi Ivanar 50
19Joris Klostermann 50
20Kathrine Bruhin 50
21Lions Club Zurich-Airport 1,400
22Lisa Diggelmann 150
23Liselotte Läuffer 300
24Luca Fernandes 100
25Luca Huser 50
26Luca Montisano 100
27Luca Puliafito 50
28Manuel Christen 400
29Maria Kuhlmey 50
30Markus Ganzke 100
31Martina Frei 50
32Michael Schneider 50
33Michael Willin 100
34Mira Spasojevic 25
35Monika Bournier 1,000
36Nicole Berini 100
37Nielen Prinsloo 70
38NL Tuning 50
39Patricio Frei 50
40Patrick Haas 100
41Priska Klötzli 100
42Remo Nyffenegger 50
43Roman Macchi 100
44Ruben Schneider 50
45Sandra Frieden 100
46Saskia Haselböck 50
47Selina Maibach 100
48Simon Aebi 100
49Sinan Kati 100
50Sonja Briggs 300
51Thomas Grimm 50
52Till Keller 50
53Vanessa Senn 25
54Veronica Fasanella 50
55Yannic Egli 25
56Imani Ismail 100
57Others miscellaneous1038
Total 8,933


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