Lolita Oosterbaan



In 2006-2007 I traveled for a year through Asia. At the end of this trip I felt so grateful that I wanted to do something in return. And I started to look for opportunities to work as a volunteer in Pokhara, to contribute, give back. I was very fortunate to meet Visma Raj Paudel and the Namaste Children’s House family and honored I was invited to join them, work with them. In the following months that I spent as a volunteer I helped the children with their homework, joined them on field-trips, danced and played with them, wiped their noses, held the ones that were sick. I also photographed the children for fundraising benefits, promotion material such as posters and banners, and calendars, a photo workshop and a photo exhibition. The dedication and commitment of the staff towards the children was heartwarming and to be near Visma, a visionairy and ambitious person, very inspiring. To be a part of the Namaste Children’s House family has been an life changing experience I will never forget.

The laughter of the children will forever echo in my heart.


Lolita Oosterbaan

the Netherlands

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