Kenny and Vicky Allen

“We work in the UAE and, in March 2011, we literally went to Nepal for a ‘cheap’ holiday and to see the beautiful mountains. As we entered Pokhara by car, I spotted an orphanage on the main highway and we decided to visit it the next day. What we found there was a house full of happy, friendly, smart children with an amazing and equally friendly staff and a director, Visma, who had an unbelievable vision for the future of the home and other projects.

“In December 2013, along with the Extensive Reading Foundation (based out of Japan), a number of book publishers (from the UK and beyond) and friends (from the UAE and America), we were able to furnish and start an extensive reading library in a new room (donated by Spain) built on the roof of Namaste Children’s House.  Volunteers (from Norway) have drawn pictures on the walls both inside and out, making it a very pleasant place for the children, as well as the staff. Another volunteer (from America) made it possible to have a covering from the main house to the library, protecting the children from the rain.

“All in all, this project has come together because of many people from many different regions of the world! The children are excited about reading and what a great addition to their English education!

“Thank you so much for affording us the opportunity to be a part of Namaste Community Foundation.”

Kenny and Vicky Allen

United Arab Emirates (via the USA)

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