Only two and a half years ago, we came upon Namaste Community Foundation (formerly: Namaste Children’s House) while visiting Pokhara. What we found was a loving home that nurtured and inspired the children in their care to be healthy, responsible, loving and productive young people, striving to be the best that they can be. During that first visit and meeting with Visma, our lives were changed and we wanted nothing more than to be an active part of an unbelievable vision for the future of Nepal!

Kenny and Vicky Allen

“Darvia International Child Welfare Fund has been happy to support Namaste Community Foundation for 4 years now. The support, care and help they have provided to the young children and vulnerable young women in Nepal has been invaluable to this organization and a credit to them. May all their good work continue into the future.”

Darren and Sylvia Gimber

Darvia International Child Welfare Fund, Scotland

“From the Namaste Foundation in the Netherlands; we wish to congratulate our partner organization for the great achievement that is changing thousands of lives of women and children in Nepal in a positive and sustainable way. Let’s work together in the next decade achieving our joint mission. Together we can create a “chance for a life change” by sharing the richness of East and West.”

Hilde Bleijswijk

Namaste Foundation, Netherlands

“When we first met Visma in 2004, he spoke with enthusiasm and heart about starting a home for orphaned and disadvantaged children. At the time, there were six children, beginning with Lalita, and Visma was only twenty-eight. Through the years we followed the story of NCF. Finally, in 2011, we traveled to Pokhara and saw, first hand, the project sparked by Visma. NCF is an inspiration, providing both tangible services in education and health and the intangible rewards of a vibrant, loving family. NCF shows us what is truly possible in this changing, chaotic world.”

Bill & Myra Lerch

Well Wisher from Chico, California

“Namaste Community Foundation (Formerly: Namaste Children’s House) is one of the finest life treasures I have ever found. From personal visits to Pokhara, I have been so fortunate to see first-hand, the wonderful and fantastic work that the charity, under Visma’s leadership, is achieving. It is run in a very professional manner and the smiles and laughter of the children are testimony to its undoubted success.

If you do decide to be part of Namaste Community Foundation, I can guarantee that you will find it to be a life-changing experience.”

Keith Mitchell

Well Wisher from Scotland

“Seven years ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to Nepal and volunteer at Namaste Community Foundation (Formerly: Namaste Children’s House) Orphanage. I wanted to go in person before I donated money, to make sure it was an honestly run, ethical and safe place for children. I found all that and more. This is the model I wish all orphanages were based on. Visma Raj Paudel, Director (founder), and the staff show the children love and give them a good education as well as run programs that better the entire community. I am starting a non profit in the United States so I can further help Visma in his dream of building a larger facility, one that can rescue, save, care for, educate and yes…show love to even more children, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner organization to raise money for. I can’t wait to go back!”

LaurieAnne Blanchard

Well Wisher from Sacramento, California, USA

“I first became aware of Namaste Community Foundation (Formerly: Namaste Children’s House) in 2010 when I first visited Nepal and was speaking to a volunteer who had spent 3 months working with the children. Based on her recommendation and positive feedback, in March 2011, I decided to sponsor a number of the children at the House, to enable them to receive a proper education as well as having a safe and secure place to live. I was fortunate enough to visit the House in Pokhara in May 2013 and was very happy to find that my sponsorship was being put to very good use and that the children were being well looked after in a loving and caring environment. Following this very positive visit, I am now working with friends and colleagues to provide further support to Namaste Community Foundation. I would encourage everyone to support the House in whatever way possible as a little can change a lot.”

Richard Penson

Well wisher and children sponsor from UK

“I started as a volunteer at Namaste Community Foundation (Formerly: Namaste Children´s House) in 2008 – and the love and passion there entered a place in my heart. Since then I keep returning to Nepal, because it has become my second home.

With Karin Chroszcz and Tom Probst (both also former volunteers and in love with Nepal), I run a charity called “Friends of Children – Nepal e.V.” in Germany and try to support Namaste as well as other projects. We always keep returning to meet the kids and the staff, see what good changes have taken place and what fabulous new plans are to be achieved.

I am very lucky that my fate brought me to Namaste Community Foundation – it changed my life…thank you very much for every second at NCF-Nepal, for the love, the friendship and for being such dedicated people who keep inspiring me.”

Raphael Ott, Mainz-Germany

Director: Friends of Children Nepal e.V. Germany

“Sunil was 8 years old, with a badly wounded foot, when we took him from the street to the Namaste Community Foundation (Former: Namaste Children’s House), where he was warmly welcomed and given a home with love and care and perspective. He is now almost grown and still part of the big NCF family. We are grateful to have been able to help him, together with all the many hard working staff, other donors and, of course, the enormously passionate director, Visma. Happily, we organize small beneficiary events every year, such as concerts and dinners, to help support NCF and spread word.”

Catharine Klemm

Director: Namaste Children’s House, Switzerland

“Our hearing project in Pokhara is now almost four years old. Thanks to the support of Visma and Namaste Community Foundation (Formerly: Namaste Children’s House) we have been able to help many thousands of people in Pokhara and surrounding towns and rural villages. We hope to continue this partnership for years to come.”

David Hine and Velarie Lister

Director: Nepal Hearing Project, (Australia)

“I joined the Sirius Foundation (UK partner of Namaste Community Foundation) in 2010 after spending some time volunteering at the Lakeside Pokhara orphanage and getting to know the kids and the organization. NCF is such a happy place, with amazing and inspiring kids and great staff who do such a wonderful job looking after them and ensuring that they establish the foundations for a better future. NCF really is a big family and very worthy cause.”

Margarita Costa

Director: Sirius Foundation
Winchester, UK

“Congratulations NCF for all you have achieved over the past 11 years. The hard work and dedication of Visma and his excellent staff has changed so many lives. We are proud of the partnership that we have shared together to develop Onni Children’s House and glad to have been able to contribute to the success of other NCF development programs. We wish you all the best for the years ahead and are sure that NCF will continue to achieve many more positive outcomes for the Nepali community.”

Carl Steinfort and Tuuli Vikstedt

Directors- Wind of Change International (Australia/Finland)

“In our field supervision and monitoring; we found the work of Namaste Community Foundation very impressive and completely followed all rules and regulations. All activities performed by the organization are very satisfactory. We wish the organization the greatest success in the coming days and the Social Welfare Council will assist with any possible support in the coming days.”

Er. Rabindra Kumar Yadav

Secretary; Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu (5th October 2012)

Madan Prasad Rimal

Director, Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu (5th October 2012)

Shiva Kumar Basnet

Assistant Director: Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu (5th October 2012)

“On behalf of the Habitat for Humanity International E.V. team, we would like to thank you for the very warm welcome you have given us. We wish you well with all your endeavors to assist the underprivileged children and give them happiness, education and support.”

With love!

Habitat for Humanity Team, USA

April 2012

“In the spirit of my father, who would have celebrated his birthday today had he been still alive, I say ‘those who save one life, save a whole nation’. And, this is exactly what all of you at NCF (Formerly: Namaste Children’s House) do everyday! But,you do even more than just saving lives,you also make the children happy, support them, encourage them and give them self-esteem!

“I am very impressed by the great work and inspiration with which you do all this great work. Thanks for being part of all this!”

Rutger Hafkenscheid

Chairperson of Namaste Foundation-The Netherlands
Risk management at Loyens & Loeff, Netherlands
15th October 2011

“There is no greater deed than to love and uplift the lives of the downtrodden. That’s what you all do who run this wonderful place with so many wonderful children. You gave me the chance to learn compassion, care and love. Thanks a lot!”

Hans-Martin Schempp

Director: Makro-Medien-Dienst GMBH, Germany / Hansa Niwas Foundation (Germany)
31st January 2011

“It’s a privilege and honor to be part of your happy and wonderful home. It makes us happy. With love and all our best wishes. We shall see you again soon.”

Stephen Borlow

English conductor, principally of opera Artistic Director of the Buxton Festival
30th July 2009

For Namaste Children’s House: “I send all my loving good wishes and I love you all. Thank you for your tour, your dancing, yourkindness… until we meet again. This is a brilliant place.”

Joanna Lumley (Famous Actress) OBE

England, UK
30th July 2009

“Namaste Children’s House has brought smiles and a childhood full of fun to so many children. I was privileged to be here among them.”

With love

Rajesh Hamal (Film star)

5th September 2008

We found such a well organized friendly children house here during our one week stay at and with the Namaste Children’s House organization. The atmosphere is of a very calming, friendly and no pressure in nature. Our sincere appreciation to the achievement of the Namaste team. We could not have invested any better.

Stefan Unzicker and Miriam

Director: Moving Terrain Air Navigation Systems AG, Germany
20th April 2008

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