Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

  • To help as many children, single women and communities as possible in a sustainable way.
  • Striving to run the entire project in a very transparent, professional and efficient way with the help of local team, partner organizations and foreign experts.
  • Providing opportunities to each & every individual throughout the world to change their lives while changing many lives in Nepal.


Our Vision:

  • Securing childhood in giving them a nice and safe home as well as taking care of a good education and ensure a good perspective for the future.
  • Parents can take care for their own children and ensure them a secure childhood with a good school education.
  • Widowed or abandoned women have skills and opportunities to work for their own livelihood & for the education of their kids.
  • People can life self-reliant, dignified lives in Nepal.
  • Strengthening local peoples potential and sills for their self-sustainability and dignified life.

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